Acer vs Dell Laptops: Which Brand is Better and Why?

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In order to compete in the race of top laptop manufacturing companies, many names have started to produce high-end, premium devices, which makes the brand worthy of appreciation. Among several brands, there are some very prominent names, but most of these brands are known to produce laptops for specific use.

Since laptops are needed in many phases of life for different purposes such as studying, professional work, gaming, or casual browsing, the requirements for each purpose differ as well. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to determine the nature of use before purchasing any laptop and figure out which laptop would suit you.

As mentioned earlier, many laptop companies have also rolled out Series for specified usage, for example, office use or gaming. When it comes to Acer vs. Dell, you will find a vast range of laptops ranging from budget choices to pricey premium devices for various usage purposes.

If your search for the best laptop is limited to the two top brands, i.e., Acer and Dell, we will help you find which brand is better for you and why. To know more about it in detail, we urge you to read the article till the end.

Acer vs Dell: Which Brand Should You Pick?

The Acer vs Dell comparison is pretty challenging since both companies are known to be the top laptop manufacturers in the tech industry. On the one hand, you will find a wide range of high-end laptops from Acer, and many of those would cost a lot less than the competitors. Acer’s budget range of laptops stacked with premium features is for everyone with money as their primary consideration.

On the contrary, Dell laptops are no less when we take a deep insight into the performance, display quality, and other aspects. The company has a long record of various awards and honors, thanks to the never disappointing performance offered by brilliant hardware integrated into the laptops.

Since Acer and Dell both are top names and have rolled out numerous laptops that are literally for everyone, choosing the best brand for yourself becomes difficult. Remember, before you opt for either of the brands and name it as the “best” for you, make sure to know your nature of use and preferences.

The final choice always comes down to your preference, which determines the best brand for you. This is why the term ‘best’ differs for everyone; for example, if you pick one brand as your ideal match based on your preferences, it might not be a great fit for someone else because it doesn’t have everything they are looking for.

To help you understand, we have mentioned a detailed Acer vs Dell comparison in this article. Let’s begin with it!


Founded by Stah Shih and his wife Carolyn Yeh in 1979, Acer’s country of origin is Taiwan. There were five more people along with the couple who all together founded the company in Hsinchu City. Initially, the company only had 11 employees, and within just a couple of years, it grew and evolved dramatically into a multinational multi-tech firm.

Acer is a synonym for assurance in the entire tech market, and the company has successfully built with its customers a relation of trust in just three years. The giant tech company introduces you to a massive range of laptops. Some of the top laptops by Acer include Acer Nitro 5, Acer Aspire 5, Acer Predator Helios 300, and a lot more.


Since the tech industry keeps evolving with time and manufacturers come with much more innovative designs that get along with the needs of consumers well, it is important for the companies to roll out updated designs frequently.

When it comes to the design of Acer laptops, the tech giant has made a long journey in the evolution of its laptops in terms of design. Starting with plain laptops with a basic and bulky look, the company now has a wide range of sleek, stylish, lightweight, and aesthetically appealing devices.

The only shortcoming of Acer laptops is that the budget models come with a relatively low-quality construction compared to the Dell laptops coming at a similar price bracket. Despite that, Acer has won multiple awards for its laptops’ designs including, Red Dot Design Award for its C2 Series, RGO, VGO, and VL7 Ultra HD Series.


Acer laptops that come at a premium price are integrated with top-notch components such as Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics card for greater graphics quality. The company is renowned for providing amazing performance standards, thanks to its superb components. Most of the hardware and other components used in Acer laptops are similar to the laptops from different brands, including Dell.

Coming to the keyboards, Acer laptops are equipped with backlit keyboards that offer comfortable typing and make it easier to work even in darker environments. Some premium Acer models come with HyperDrift keyboards that are responsible for maintaining the temperature of the device.

With a huge range of Acer laptops in the tech market, you will come across numerous displays to choose from. The display size of laptops produced by Acer ranges between 11.6-inches to 17.3-inches. Furthermore, the majority of the devices have a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Premium models from Predator Series or ConceptD 7 even support Ultra-HD resolutions.

The cooling system plays a vital role in the overall performance, and with the Acer laptops, you won’t have to worry about heating issues. Acer has now started to use advanced cooling systems in its laptop that keep the device calm even under pressure. The best example is Acer swift Series integrated with heat pipes measuring about 0.03-inches for enhanced cooling.


The low-budget laptops from Acer mostly use dual-core processors that offer relatively slower performance, less storage capacity, and of course, an average battery life. Whereas the models priced more than $500 will have a quad-core processor that is considered power-packed beasts. Just what you get for the graphics processing units in Acer laptops, the CPUs are generally provided by Intel or AMD.

However, the devices with quality hardware don’t cut any corners with storage and offer SSD storage ranging from 256 GB to 512 GB. Moreover, you can find several models with SSD as low as 128 GB only and as massive as 1 TB.


One of the top reasons why Acer is a favorite brand among many users is its constant innovation. The most innovative device by Acer to date is the Swift 7 laptop. Coming with a 15.6-inches display screen, the laptop measures as low as 2 pounds only and 0.39 thick only, making it the thinnest laptop of 2021.

In addition to this, Acer is also seen using its latest LiquidLoop technology for advanced cooling, which aids in keeping the internal temperature of the device under control even when used for several hours. Acer laptops come with an average battery life of up to 10 hours which is another outstanding feature.

Customer Support

Acer always prioritizes its customers and their queries; therefore, it has one of the best customer supports. They have their representatives and a dedicated section termed ‘Support’ which is highly responsive for everyone. The highly-trained professionals are available to assist the users via phone as well as live chats.

Additionally, most Acer laptops are backed up with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The limited warranty can be further extended up to 3 years by paying some extra pennies to the company. However, higher-end models, for example, those from Acer Predator Series, offer a much better warranty of 2-years along with accidental damage protection.

Where Are Acer Laptops Manufactured?

Having customers from all over the globe, the Taiwanese company not only manufactures laptops but full-fledged personal computers, tablets, projectors, and more. The multinational brand has its branches spread in several parts of the world.

Even though the main headquarters of Acer is situated in the New Taipei City, Taiwan, its products are manufactured in many countries. These include China, the Philippines, and the Netherlands, etc.

Why Does Acer Stand Out?

Known as one of the most amazing IT products manufacturing companies, therefore has a huge consumer base. If we talk about the features that make Acer stand out, it would be the affordability of most of the Acer laptops. Whether you are a gamer or a working professional, you will easily find devices that will not only cater to your needs but also fit your pocket perfectly.

Despite being a little less durable than Dell laptops, Acer has still maintained its name in the industry because of numerous other pros over the cons. For example, the laptops by Acer feature brilliant versatility; you will find many superb gaming models such as Nitro 5, Predator Helios 300, and more. Also, the customer support offered is impeccable.


Founded in 1984 by a student living in a dormitory in Texas, Michael Dell named the company after his name. The main objective of Dell was to establish a startup for computing devices, and as we all now witness, he surely succeeded.

Though his initial aim was to only come up with computing devices integrated with the latest technologies, after an immense struggle, the multinational company manufactures so much more; This includes premium computing devices such as monitors, laptops, peripherals, projectors, printers, network servers, etc.

Started on a small scale, the company is now one of the top renowned names in the tech market with an enormous range of products. Some latest laptops by Dell that have won the hearts of numerous users include Dell Inspiron 3000, Dell G5 15, Dell XPS 15 9500, and the list goes on.


The design of a laptop is essential since it has now become a fashion statement too, especially among students and working professionals. Considering that, Dell comes up with sleek and stylish laptops weighing significantly less hence, maintaining high portability. Compared to the Acer laptops, Dell doesn’t lower the build quality even if the price is lesser than its premium models.

If you are someone looking for a minimalistic laptop with high power, you will find many Dell laptops pretty interesting. One of the best things about Dell is that their laptops come in a wide range of colors and creative designs, which you can choose according to your style.

Even though there are numerous unique designs that you will find in Dell laptops, the devices that stand out not only because of their performance but the design also include models from XPS and Alienware Series.


Dell is a brand that designs laptops primarily for business purposes; the devices produce come with premium components capable of handling heavier software and applications. In this sense, you can undoubtedly rely on Dell laptops for fast and high-end performance.

Being a formidable competitor to Acer, Dell uses powerful GPUs by top companies such as NVIDIA GTX 1080 for incredible power and, of course, the best speed. Some laptops are also integrated with NVIDIA Quadro graphics processing units which are generally preferred for office work. The best thing about Dell laptops is that most models are equipped with integrated GPUs.

Dell has offered some really decent and highly comfortable keyboards for years which many professionals also recommend. From maximum comfort to advanced backlighting, these keyboards prove to be a great companion even in darker surroundings. The Dell XPS 13, launched in late 2020, is the ultimate execution on the regular laptop design and features the best keyboard along with the most premium trackpad.

With a sheer variety of different display options available, Dell gets the prominent win in this category. Delivering both quantity and quality, Dell offers you a hefty assortment of devices with display options that you can choose right according to your needs. The resolutions supported by Dell laptops include OLED 3.5K, 4K Ultra-HD, and Ultra-HD. However, the display screen size ranges between 11-inches to 17-inches – the same as Acer laptops have.  

Just like Acer, the company uses efficient cooling systems in its devices to ensure the maximum airflow that keeps your laptop under the desired temperature range. Models belonging to the Dell Alienware Line have dual fans cooling systems for better temperature control. Whereas the first-ever laptop to be integrated with the most incredible cooling technology, i.e., Intel’s Hyperbaric cooling technology, is Dell’s Vostro V130 laptop.


Several technical specifications play a collective role in providing the best performance. Since Dell is known to work for its devices’ performance over any other aspect, you won’t be disappointed with what the laptops come with. Speaking of the CPUs, Dell laptops come with different CPUs which are integrated for the purpose a particular device is designed for.

Say, for example, if you want a laptop for regular work, you can easily find Dell laptops with an Intel 9th Generation Core i5 processor. However, if you are a gamer or business professional, devices using Intel 10th or 11th Generation Core i7 or i9 processors can also be easily found in the tech market.

As far as storage is concerned, you will find Dell laptops with a decent SSD storage capacity that can easily meet the requirements of a general consumer. The majority of the Notebooks from the company come with 256 GB or 512 GB, which offers ample room on your laptop to download a variety of software, including heavier ones, and save your work files without any complications.

However, Dell seems to outperform Acer in terms of maximum solid-state drive capacity as you can easily find some premium laptop models with solid-state storage up to an incredible 2 TB.


While Acer innovates its aesthetics, Dell’s seems to be more committed to the performance when it comes to innovation. Featuring an unbeatable innovation level, especially what is used in the models from Alienware Line, Dell takes over Acer here as well. Dell XPS 13 is an award-winning model by CES for its impressive innovative technology.

Dell has carefully focused on the battery life of its laptops so that no consumer, regardless of their nature of use, is bothered with the frequent need of recharging the device. The all-day battery life makes the device much portable. The Dell Latitude 9510 is one of the top devices with exceptional battery life as long as 18 hours, sufficient enough to fulfill most of your daily usage requirements.

Customer Support

We learned that Acer offers awe-inspiring customer support but, what if we say that Dell offers an even better one? Well, yes! What Dell provides its customers with the service is arguably the most amazing with the best supportive and perfectly trained staff.

The customer support by Dell isn’t only better than Acer’s but than every other laptop manufacturing company out there. Customers can easily reach out to Dell’s support representatives via various mediums such as their website, phone service, and live chat.

Talking about the warranty, it won’t be a disappointment to expect at least a one-year limited warranty from most Dell laptops. On some premium laptops, you will be provided with the feasibility of extending the warranty up to 4 to 5 years after paying some extra cash.

Where Are Dell Laptops Manufactured?

Dell has an incredible demand, and that is why it has various production units in the world, out of which around 95% of Dell products, including laptops, are manufactured in Asia. If we talk about the companies that manufacture Dell products, these include COMPAL and Wistron.

The Asian countries that produce Dell laptops are Penang, Malaysia, and Xiamen; however, China’s Brazilian plants make laptops that will be sold only in the tech markets of Brazil. COMPAL is known to manufacture 90% of Dell laptops assembled in other parts, including one assembling unit in Taiwan and two in China.  

Why Does Dell Stand Out?

Dell has worked its way to the top with immense hard work and has finally secured a higher spot in the computing industry. The company is known all around the globe for its supreme quality of the products with an impressive performance.

Even the budget laptops from Dell are pretty reliable with no compromise on the overall performance, and that is exactly what makes Dell stand out amongst its competitors. Furthermore, regardless of the walk of life the users are from, they will easily find a laptop for themselves from Dell.

Acer vs Dell: Main Differences

Moving forward to the main differences between Acer and Dell laptops, we would say that Acer devices are much more reasonable and can be afforded by the majority of the users. Whereas Dell devices might be slightly expensive than Acer models but are totally worth each penny since the company never compromises on quality and performance.

Also, Dell laptops have better average battery life than Acer laptops since Dell uses 3-cell batteries whereas Acer uses 4-cell batteries. Moreover, Dell also comes with a much diverse range of display screens.


From what we have concluded from all the information above, the Acer vs. Dell comparison is pretty interesting, with Dell winning in most of the categories. All you need to be determinant about the best laptop brand for you is to sort out your requirements and nature of use.

Remember, if you are in search of a laptop for daily activities and don’t want to spend a fortune, Acer laptops would be a great choice. However, if you have to carry out many intensive tasks and have no budget issues, go for Dell laptops for uncompromised performance.

We hope that our guide was a great help to you and you have finally determined whether Acer or Dell is the best for you and why.

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