ASUS vs HP Laptops: Which Brand Is Better and Why?

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With a wide variety of laptops by various manufacturers in the tech market, the choices depend on a wide range of factors such as processors, storage, budget, and more. However, when there is an ASUS vs HP comparison, things get pretty tricky. The foremost reason is that ASUS and HP are popularly known laptop brands that roll out premium devices for different users.  

Even though both are top-notch laptop brands, one of the significant differences between the two is its global market share, where HP is seen to hold a substantial spot. While HP has about 24% of the worldwide market share, ASUS, on the other hand, has quite a low share of only 7%.

Despite this fact, ASUS is appreciated and loved immensely by many users, mostly because of its devices’ highest amount of innovation. Moreover, both the companies have a massive age difference of 50 years which also impacts the overall global market share and consumer base established by each brand.

HP being one of the most pioneering names in the tech world, has successfully made a clear spot for itself throughout the years. After mammoth struggles, the company has finally made it to the top laptop brands where it gets mandatory to mention HP whenever someone talks about high-end and durable computing devices.

On the contrary, ASUS is a relatively newer brand than HP. Still, it goes neck-to-neck with most of its rivals, thanks to its unparalleled build quality and components, especially the motherboard.

To find out in detail about ASUS vs. HP laptops and to determine which one could be a better choice for you, let’s read along.

ASUS vs HP: Which Brand Should You Pick?

As mentioned earlier, both the companies manufacture top-of-the-line laptops that are totally worthy of the money. However, ASUS has more budget-friendly choices than HP so, you can check accordingly. But, most of your decision depends on a number of attributes, such as the hardware configuration, processor, storage, etc., and your personal preference and nature of use.

Since everyone has different preferences, it is challenging to clearly state which brand you should pick. Every customer must figure out their ideal match according to the requirements because one laptop from a particular brand that catches all your attention might prove to be a huge fail for someone else with different requirements.

Therefore, to help you with the search, we have discussed both the laptop brands in detail. Before you dive into the details, we recommend you first determine how you will be using the laptop and what features you are looking for in a device; This will make it a lot easier for you to choose your perfect match.


Asus logo

ASUS is known for bringing the most versatile and innovative laptops in the market. A Taiwan-based company was founded in 1989. The company is one of the leading international vendors offering the supreme quality motherboard, gaming systems, and top-three notebooks all around the world.

It got the hype when it came up with the revolutionary Eee PC™. And today, it is making a mark with its ASUS ZenFone™ series, and coming up with the latest virtual, augmented IoT devices. With the ASUS Zenbo, an intelligent home robot, it is stepping up its game in the robot industry.

It was recognized as the most admired in 2015 and 2016 by Fortune magazine. The company is also able to win the world. As a multinational brand, ASUS is also a source of income to thousands of people worldwide. It was able to become the world’s 5th largest PC vendor in the year 2021 by sales. It was also recognized as the most valuable international brand for the eighth year in 2021.


ASUS has come with the innovation and made a name for itself in the industry because of its out-of-the-box and promising devices. Any device without a quality build can never last long in such a highly competitive industry. ASUS has always been known for bringing fresh and creative products to its consumers. The versatile design, innovation, and state-of-the-art durability are strong reasons people prefer ASUS over others.

Along with performance, a laptop must have a pleasing design to the eyes. The ASUS laptops are sleek, chic, lightweight, and have a futuristic build. ASUS offers a huge range of designs and colors for consumers. When it comes to designs, the ASUS vs HP laptops is at the same level—coming up with unique, attractive, feasible, portable, light, and most importantly, durable designs.

Durability is one of the main characteristics of a laptop. The high-grade durability that ASUS offers in its laptops is first guaranteed by the number of tests that the laptops are passed through before finalizing. ASUS focuses on a huge variety of consumers, from kids, teenagers, and adults to seniors. And they have got laptops for every kind of work, such as gaming, business, daily usage, business, etc.


Components are one of the main reasons why most laptops are successful or fall behind. The latest technological innovations coming up every other day have taken the competition to another level.

Integrating the latest high-performing graphic cards, ASUS is sure to take the visual experience of its users to another level. ASUS is equipped with efficient Kaby Lake processors and the NVIDIA GeForce graphics. The GeForce RTX 3060 GPU used in its highly admirable ROG Zephyrus Duo SE 15 is a great choice for gaming laptops. Kaby Lake processors and the popular NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

The ASUS laptop’s keyboards are preferred by everyone but are usually loved by gaming enthusiasts. The dust-resistant, backlit keyboards with options for customizing the lights can be chosen according to the user’s preference. It also offers detachable keyboard options in certain models, making it more comfortable to use the laptop.

Not to forget, the classic cooling system, together with the latest vapor chamber technology, are some of the numerous innovations found in their machines. The ultra-slim bezels, along with a 95% screen-to-body ratio in most ASUS laptops, make it a better option. Also, the screen with the high-quality resolution is a trademark of ASUS.


Any device with the latest hi-tech innovations, great display, attractive build, but still poor performance will not be able to last long. Many companies are now also focusing on increasing their performance and making it their main selling point. The recent models are significantly better because of their high-performing and fast processors, such as AMD Ryzen Pro.

For ASUS vs HP, the HP laptop specs are more dependent on the price than the ASUS. ASUS is a great option, especially for gaming enthusiasts. Particularly the ROG and TUF models are the most promising ones in the market. ASUS can also provide a 4-Core processor even when it comes to low-budget options. The 10th generation i7 processors in ASUS laptops bring you the most premium speed and performance.

For any laptop, storage capacity is one of the main factors, and ASUS offers the most satisfactory storage options in all of its models. A few years back, ASUS laptops used HDD while not the competitive options. For instance, 32 GB to 64 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage space are good options available for their models.


Although it’s a known fact that the more you invest, the more high-end specs you get in your laptop. But here, ASUS has a slight edge over HP as it offers better quality in specs even in its low-budget laptops. Upon that, ASUS has made a stronghold in the industry because of its most unique and innovative laptop.

The use of ScreenPads in ASUS UX534 below the keyboard allows the user to note down notes with their hands and adds to the feasibility of the laptop. Certain models also come with 8-cell batteries and high performance. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is also one of the world’s lightest heavy-duty gaming laptops.

ASUS made a massive development by leaving behind the traditional laptop and introducing a dual-screen laptop, reusable elements in their laptops such as leather and bamboo. ASUS has a cutting edge over its competitors when it comes to innovations. Compared to HP, ASUS has the upper hand with the latest hi-tech laptops on their end.

Customer Support

Customer support is where a brand represents itself open to the public. Any brand with poor customer service can never make it to the top, no matter how innovative or high-end their products are. Like many other well-known brands in the market, ASUS is also well aware of its importance.

ASUS offers an average consumer support service. Although as compared to their local consumer service team, phone service, the online support team holds better performance. It has several call centers in different countries, including the US, Jamaica, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, and many others. These teams try to resolve the issue or connect the user to further tech experts.

Unlike most other companies, ASUS offers a 24/7 support service and has different timings with different regions. However, their online support team is more easily approachable. It proceeds through live conversations to save time. The consumer can also use the official site to reach the team.

Where Are ASUS Laptops Manufactured?

ASUS uses components that are manufactured in their units in different areas. Most of the ASUS laptop components are made by themselves. For instance, their motherboard and PSU are produced in the ASUS in-house facility. However, they also outsource different components. These may include RAM, SSD, processors, etc.

Despite being a Taiwanese-based company, ASUS uses a lot of components in their laptops manufactured in China. Or their factories that are present nearby China. Most laptops are directly manufactured or assembled in mainland China or mainland Taiwan. Apart from that, ASUS is now a multinational company with manufacturing units in Mexico and the Czech Republic.

Why Does ASUS Stand Out?

ASUS is not the regular laptop company that brings you traditional laptops now and then. ASUS brings you designs that are pleasing to the eyes, highly innovative, and in an appropriate price range.

It offers several options for anyone on a tight budget who wants to invest in something that is innovative and efficient or someone who just wants the best innovative and high-performing laptop. It is also a preferable option because of its customizable options.


HP, also known as the Hewlett Packard, was established in 1939 when it all started from a car garage. HP began its production with an audio oscillator and bagged a huge first client as Walt Disney. And then, in 1940, HP started its marketing in the computer market. With their initial product HP 2100. And since then, nothing has been holding it back.

HP has earned a name for itself that the people can trust. Initially, it came up with laptops that were of average quality and inexpensive. Although the very first models still had good quality elements along with durability. However, HP has earned a name for itself that the people can trust. And now it makes the laptops considered the most reliable one among the highly competitive industry.

Hewlett-Packard has started producing many other products other than laptops, but still, laptops remain their main point of focus. HP offers laptops for people from all walks of life. Their laptops range between affordable and pricey options. Of course, the specs and quality play a major deciding role. They offer laptops for students, adults day-to-day-use, work, games, etc.


Over the years, HP has made a lot of improvement when it comes to the overall design and build of their laptops. But with all the competition in the market, it is not easy to be unique. Considering the ASUS vs HP, HP offers a mid-range design, not too unique but not too bad. It usually offers standard plain black or chrome-style laptops. However, there are certain models with more tasteful designs.  

Depending on the huge variety of laptops, there are numerous options to choose from offered by HP. Some laptops are bulky, while others could be lightweight with thin bezels and more portable designs. There could also be some limitations to the design or color range, but HP has come up with better options in the recent model.

Following the trend in its latest models, HP also offers models that are light in weight, classy, sleek, chic, with a large trackpad and better display screen. Irrespective of the design, HP still offers high-performing features and a durable build.


HP has always focused on the components of the laptop. The better and more innovative the quality of the components, the more enhanced the laptop’s performance. Just like all other big names in the industry, HP is also known to invest in its components. HP also uses Intel and AMD processors. These processes are among the highest-performing ones in the industry.

Although the laptop’s budget will decide which ones will be used in the high-end models and the affordable models, for instance, for the budget-friendly options, the Intel HD graphics processors are utilized.

While in the pricier options, NVIDIA graphics processors are preferred for delivering the finest performance. For their gaming laptops, such as HP Omen, HP uses NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards for heavy-duty gaming.

HP also provides a more enhanced cooling system to keep their laptops from heating up. HP also offers high-end quality when it comes to the display. The screen size can range between 13 to more than 17 inches. Although all HP models don’t have backlit keyboards, the latest models have them. HP laptop also comes with a decent battery tie of almost 8 hours. Although the battery time clearly can vary with the kind of model.


Performance is one of the main characteristics of HP laptops. HP has always been known for its high-performing machines. HP has brought a huge range of laptops over the years, both price and affordable. Everyone prefers HP laptops due to their performance, but for business, there is no doubt HP brings the most high-end laptop.

For instance, the HP Envy and Spectre series are the most exceptional laptops out there. Although there are some certain models which are overpriced with average performance. HP most commonly uses Intel processors services for their laptops. Depending upon the model, it includes Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and i9.

Every model has its specifications, and in it comes the storage capacity. They can range from 8GB to 16 GB. Storage also depends on the model; for instance, the HP Pavilion series have 128GB SSD along with a 1 TB HDD. The storage capacity also varies with the model and the price range. Along with the storage, memory speed is also important. HP provides a memory space of 2666MHz to 4266MHz.


No doubt HP is one of the leading hardware developers in the industry and has come up with innovative products. HP has made its name with its groundbreaking products such as laptops, desktops, scanners, etc. HP has not been too deep into innovation and focused more on performance and quality. But with its recent models, it has shown that it can also develop highly innovative laptops out there.

HP now delivers the most high-performing 2-in-1 computer systems in the industry. With their recent models the unique and versatile designs, HP was able to hold the interest of a huge number of users in their products. Although for ASUS vs HP, ASUS has more innovativeness to offer, HP still has the most up-to-date laptops.

Customer Support

Consumer support can make or break the image of any brand. It is also a great way to attract new consumers to know about the user’s expectations and disappointment. Good consumer service can help build a strong and long-term customer base.

Just like several successful brands, HP also offers good customer service. It provides several methods to contact for the ease of the customer. At first, 90 days of free phone assistance will assist you in case of any confusion or issue. The company also offers hardware failures.

The HP support assistance, social media, and HP customer service center are some of the main ways to get in touch with the tech experts. HP also has a YouTube channel where their experts explain about resolving the most common issues. Along with all this, HP has also set up a community page where users can easily discuss and resolve their issues.

Where Are HP Laptops Manufactured?

HP is a well-known brand for its quality and performance. HP has emerged as a multinational company starting from a car garage over the years. But their trademark standard and quality is their primary identity.

As a multinational company, the manufacturing of HP products is carried out in different regions. Different countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, etc., have HP manufacturing units.

Their popular laptops, including the HP Envy, Elitebook, Omen, and Pavilion series, are developed in the US. It is preferred because it is faster and easier to deliver the products from the US. HP holds about 25.9% of the PC market share in the US.

Why Does HP Stand Out?

The quality, standard, and performance are some of the main features that make HP stand out. HP not only brings the most up-to-date laptops in the industry that have all the technical resources required but also delivers the performance it promises.

Another reason is that HP has something to offer for everyone. For laptops with a huge price range, it also has laptops that suit people from all kinds of profiles. Whether you are a student, a professional person, or just need a laptop for personal entertainment use, HP is there for you. More specifically, HP has upped its game with its recent models and given tough competition to several other high-end laptop brands.

ASUS vs HP: Main Differences

ASUS and HP are two of the finest laptop manufacturing brands that know how to take care of the needs of their customers. Both the companies make constant efforts to develop devices that are convenient to use by all but afforded by as many people as possible. With both being similar in various aspects, there are some main differences, two of which make each company stand out from the other.

First off, if we talk about durability and reliability, HP here is a clear winner since the company crafts its laptops using superior-grade materials. That said, HP laptops can be an excellent choice for people who aren’t too caring when it comes to using a sensitive device.

But, as far as innovation and price range are concerned, HP laptops do come with advanced technologies but not as great as ASUS laptops. Though the company rolls out laptops for everyone, the price range at which most HP business laptops are available is not reasonable.

Speaking of the ASUS laptops, the main difference here seen is in the exceptionally innovative laptops. ASUS laptops are known to have the most unmatched innovation that too, at a very pocket-friendly price. Moreover, ASUS ROG and TUF Series are also top choices for most gamers because of the finely configured laptops and a very fair price.


Buying a new laptop is indeed an overwhelming experience, especially when you enter the tech market, and everywhere you look around, numerous impressive devices are catching your attention. This is where you can get super bewildered about the choices and which one you should pick. What worries the users most is whether the laptop they are investing in would meet their requirements or not.

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