ASUS vs Lenovo Laptops: Which Brand is Better and Why?

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Whether it is for business purposes, gaming, or casual usage, ASUS vs Lenovo is a fairly debatable comparison where one could get confused badly. Both the companies are highly reputable and known to manufacture top-notch computing devices used for various purposes.

Regardless of your nature of use, there are some common factors that one looks for in a good quality laptop: a powerful processor, eye-popping display quality, generous storage, and connectivity options.

Luckily, laptops from ASUS and Lenovo will fulfill all of your basic requirements, which makes the decision even challenging. Though there are some significant differences as well, that can help you figure out which brand would work out for you.

To find out about it, we urge you to read all the details of laptops from both the companies in this article.

ASUS vs Lenovo: Which Brand Should You Pick?

There is new competition in the tech industry every day, which leaves the buyers mind-boggling between two choices. ASUS vs Lenovo is just another example of this challenging task.

Since it all comes down to the purpose of purchasing and what you want in a laptop, it would be too early to state which brand you should pick. The final decision is solely based on one’s personal preferences.

Any model from these brands that might sound like a perfect choice for you might be poor for some other user. That is why it is important first to figure out the details and then pick your ideal brand.


Asus logo

ASUS brings incredible innovations every time, especially when it comes to its laptops. It is one of the fastest progressing laptop companies. It houses some of the highly brilliant tech experts who turn the ideal technology of the future into reality for its users today.

It is the name behind the high-end and wide range of laptop series for everyone. From gaming enthusiasts to content creators, students, businesses, or for general use, it has the best solutions for everybody. The brand is setting new standards by pushing beyond the limits. Having a team of 50,000 R&D colleagues, it has achieved numerous awards showing its passion and promise to bring new and better technology.

The thing that makes its laptops more favorable is because of their not-too-high budget but efficient features. It has not only limited itself to the manufacturing of laptops, but like several other multinational companies, it has also extended its technology for other smart devices.


A laptop that contains all the right features specific to a user’s need but has a design that is not easy to handle or work with can be quite disappointing. But no worries, with ASUS, there is no such thing that can be a disappointment, especially when it concerns the laptop design.

Their laptops come in a wide range of designs and colors. Users have a lot of options for choosing according to their taste. For instance, some like sleek, slim designs while others, such as gamers, prefer beast builds, or people also like to go with aesthetic, futuristic design, and ASUS brings all kinds of styles for their users.

When it’s about the durability of the laptops, it’s the name that can give tough competition to even high-end companies. It promises military-grade sturdiness. Their laptops are amazingly light in weight and easy to carry around. The company specializes in laptops that are durable and easier to carry. At ASUS, the laptop design goes through several industrial procedures such as CMF before finalizing.

The designers mainly focus on the colors as it personifies the laptop when there is a specific target consumer such as children, adults, professional people, etc. Designers and buyers focus on designs or colors as different colors such as blue, black, pink, or green are direct reflections of your nature and personality.


ASUS laptops are equipped with the latest hi-tech graphic cards that take the user experience to another level. Laptops with thoroughly systematic GPUs are now essential because the users prefer a high-quality visual experience. For instance, ROG Zephyrus Duo SE 15 comes with a GeForce RTX 3060 GPU that gaming enthusiasts surely love.

Even when it is a cheaper model, ASUS still focuses on the display because it can be a good attractive point for the consumers. The unique NanoEdge technology adds a premium vibe to the laptop, especially with ultra-thin bezels making it look more elegant. The majority of their laptops have an average screen-to-body ratio of about 95%.

ASUS laptops pack high performance with an efficient cooling system. It tends to have minimalist designs. The backlit keyboards increase user experience for gaming and other purposes. Phoenix Radeon 550, for example, is equipped with a fan that comes with dual ball bearings and is also IP5X dust resistance verified.


The device’s performance plays a significant role in the decision regarding buying it. With such an extremely competitive market with numerous companies bringing the best high-performing and unique laptops every other day, it is not easy to make a name in the industry. However, ASUS has done this and given tough competition to many well-known laptop companies.

The latest laptops especially are admirable for their ability to administer heavy software and fast performance. ASUS is a powerhouse when it comes to gaming with its gaming laptop series such as ROG and TUF.

The laptops come with an impressive 10th generation i7 processor that makes their performance speed and quality not less than any high-end laptop. The brand used to prefer HDD for storage in the past, but the latest models have better storage capacity. The 32 GB RAM of these laptops is quite good enough for users of different profiles.

ASUS laptops are great at running big programs because of AMD Ryzen processors in its latest models at a better speed. This high-performing component of the company has given it an edge over its competitors in the market.


ASUS has a reputation of being one the most innovative companies when it concerns laptops. It comes up with great innovation actions that attract consumers and make them stick with the company for long.

This brand has some spectacular dual-screen laptops, renewable components such as bamboo and leather, and uses Super Hybrid Engine technology; This has resulted in the boosted performance of the laptops and made ASUS more unique than other traditional laptop companies.

Customer Support 

Consumer support is what makes a company maintain its reputation among its users. Consumer reviews are also a great way to gain insight into the user’s expectations and disappointments from the product or company. It can help the company develop better and more versatile ideas that can fulfill consumer satisfaction.

The brand has an average consumer service. It has numerous call centers in different countries such as the US, Philippines, Jamaica, etc., that connect the users to the tech support unit. It doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service like most other companies. Users can get in touch with the support team from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. EDT throughout the week.

ASUS also offers online tech services through social media sites. The live conversation option makes it easier for the user and support team to communicate and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Apart from social media, users can also reach out to the team via the company’s website, which is also quite easier and reliable.

Where Are ASUS Laptops Manufactured? 

ASUS is a company based and founded in Taiwan. It is a huge company with its manufacturing units in different parts of the world. It manufactures its laptops in different countries such as China, Mexico, and Ostrava. Most of its products are manufactured and assembled in the plants in these countries.

The company was also manufacturing products in the US, but due to the Covid-19, there might be a change of plan toward South East Asia. Despite the production country, the quality and standard of the product are not compromised by the company.

Why Does ASUS Stand Out? 

ASUS comes with numerous features that make it a favorite laptop for users from various fields of life. The best thing about its laptops is their innovative design. The company always comes up with something that is not unique, but it adds to the user’s comfort.

These laptops are great at durability. The company has promised the users high durability along with performance and speed, and it delivers it. Furthermore, they have quite good battery life, enough to eliminate the need to plug-in chargers repeatedly.

Last but not least, the company brings all these features, which are usually specific for high-end laptops at a moderate price. Their laptops are in the range of everyone from students to day-to-day users or for business purposes.


lenovo logo

Lenovo started in China in 1984. It is one of the numerous leading laptop brands in the global industry. During the mid-2000s, it was able to acquire IBM. It has come up with some of the most amazing and famous laptops in the past few years. Everyone prefers the brand as it gives the good value of money to the users.

Though many high-end brands are expensive, Lenovo not only brings premium features for its users but is also a great choice for professional use on a budget. It also depends on the users’ choice of the model and other accessories.

The Yoga Line, Thinkpad, and IdeaPad are the most successful laptop series of Lenovo. They have a huge demand in the market. Its laptops are great for business use, but that doesn’t mean it lacks day-to-day use for users. The company has built trust with its consumers over time. It’s not easy to maintain a top spot in the laptop industry, but it was able to do so thanks to its latest series.


Nobody likes a laptop that is too heavy or not elegant to look at. Every company comes up with incredibly attractive designs that are easier to use, portable, and durable. It’s now a trend to have a laptop that is not only beautiful but also has great features. Their laptops are available in a huge range of various colors, sizes, or styles.

The brand is also not behind the trend in the industry by coming up with a minimalist design for its ThinkPad or IdeaPad. With its simple yet graceful design, the laptop has a no-nonsense business-like impression. Its laptops are not only light in weight, but it is also a pioneer when it comes to two-in-one laptops.

The 360-degree rotating screen was impressive for the users. The ergonomic design, along with the durability of most of its laptops, is what makes it the most favorite of students and professional users. Although for gaming fanatics, Lenovo has options like Legion Y545 that has clean and impressive built and gives nice competition to its pricey competitors.


Lenovo laptops like ASUS are used for several purposes by users with all kinds of profiles. It can be for editing, photoshopping, editing, graphic designing, programming, etc. The company has made progress with its laptops for every kind of user. But running these systems requires good performance from the laptop.

Their laptops have many thin bezels and widescreen options for the users. Furthermore, these are equipped with high-performing graphic cards AMD & NVIDIA. For instance, the Legion gaming laptops (Y540) are some of the most incredible gaming laptops. It comes with a 2060 graphics card at an amazing price.

Several companies use traditional heat pipes to cool down the VRMs and graphic cards. Legion 5 and 7 series have phenomenal cooling systems that make them a perfect choice for the users.

The screen display comes within the range of 120Hz and 144Hz, which highly increases the laptops’ display quality. It is quite difficult to beat Lenovo when it comes down to keyboards. With not only ease of use but a comfortable layout, their keyboards are also waterproof. With rounded buttons that allow the smooth sliding of fingers while working is also a plus point.


A laptop that has slow speed or low space can be quite off-putting. Lenovo laptops, like most high-end laptops, come with powerful processors. It includes 10th gen i7 processors that support most of the high-performing software. It also directly affects the overall performance and speed of the laptop.

The RAM storage can make or break the consumer’s decision concerning a specific laptop. It offers high RAM and storage options for its laptop models. Numerous laptops come with a stunning 32 RAM. Features like RTX 2080, along with 3080 specs, add to the quality of the laptop.

The clocking speed of the laptop is also a crucial factor for the smooth running of programs. The company made laptops with great clocking speed for its different models. For instance, ThinkPad 14 has set a standard with a clocking speed that can be boosted up to 4.90 GHz, making it the most appropriate option for companies. Legion 7i 15 gaming laptop can clock at 5.30 GHz, a fairly good speed for a gaming laptop.


There is no way Lenovo is behind anyone when it comes to innovation. It is also one of the reasons that it has reserved such a strong spot for itself in the industry today. There is no doubt it must have some brilliant minds that come up with innovations in every model line they release. The latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon being the first foldable laptop is proof that this company is a tough nut to crack.

Lenovo primarily focused on the users belonging to the business sector and came up with some most promising, durable, and innovative laptops; This has made it a more respectable name in the market and made it easier to enter the gaming and other products market. Also, it is known for being the first in numerous innovations in the market. For instance, the most famous Yoga Tablet is admired by everyone.

Customer Support 

Bad consumer support is the reason behind the failure of numerous companies that had the best products. Lenovo is well aware of this fact. It is a company known and respected by everyone due to its durable and high-performing laptops. It has earned this reputation through its communication with the consumers.

They offer 24/7 customer service that aids the consumer in resolving the issue around the clock. The company also offers tech support for gaming laptops or other models. The laptops also come with warranties ranging from one to three years. However, it comes with certain terms and conditions in different cases.

It is not wrong to say that the company seems to take its reputation seriously and work its best to provide high standard services for the consumers. Needless to say, its online tech support team is one of its strongest points.

Where Are Lenovo Laptops Manufactured? 

Lenovo is not a small company that has a manufacturing unit in one specific area. It is a global company with its business extended all around the world. Several countries like China, Japan, Mexico, Germany are manufacturing their laptops.

 The laptops can take up to 10 days from China before reaching the consumers. This can result in reduced consumer service, especially if there are any further delays Though the company has found the solution. It has also started manufacturing in the US because it will reduce the time for the products to reach the consumers.

Lenovo started providing smartphones in countries like China and Russia, and it is only a matter of time and decision of the company whether or when it extends this service to other countries.

Why Does Lenovo Stand Out? 

Several points make Lenovo quite different from other laptop companies. The feature that makes it the most is its high performance. The laptops can be used by people belonging to every walk of life.

It is especially the most favorite of business use because of its performance, durability, and portability. But with its Legion laptop series, it has brought premium gaming laptops within an affordable range for its users. Lenovo surely stands out because of its innovative laptop features. The Yoga laptop series was quite incredible, and the new foldable laptop looks promising.

ASUS vs Lenovo: Main Differences 

Both companies are at the top of their game and know the ins and outs of the market. It’s not easy to compare them as both have quite similar and unique features simultaneously varying from model to model. It all depends on the user’s taste preferences.

However, there are certain points where ASUS and Lenovo have differences. When it comes to durability, ASUS has a slight edge over Lenovo as the laptop designs are sleek and sturdy. Similarly, for gaming, the ASUS ROG and TUF series are beasts and tough competitors of premium laptops.

Lenovo is also not far behind, especially when it comes to business. The Lenovo ThinkPad has set a standard in the enterprise market and is one of the most leading laptops. Like ASUS, Lenovo also offers Legion series gaming laptops but at an affordable price. In the end, it comes down to what the user is looking for in a laptop.


As mentioned earlier, ASUS vs Lenovo is a pretty tough competition, and we cannot simply choose one winner. If you are a businessman and require a laptop that would not only fulfill your needs but also go with your style then, Lenovo would be the best brand.

Whereas, if you are a gamer or want a laptop that can provide you with the best experience for graphics-intensive work then, the ROG and TUF Series from ASUS would remain unbeatable.

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