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Are Huawei Laptops Safe? {Get To Know The Secret}

Having a Huawei laptop in hand in the current time might compel you to think about whether it is safe to use anymore or not. Sometimes, a Matebook laptop available on amazon or in a store might let you want to buy it just because it highly satisfies your needs in terms of processing, weight, and screen sizes. But then, you look at the ban that has been imposed by the US; This confuses you whether to buy it or you should sell the one you already have. 

Don’t worry! Huawei laptops are completely safe to buy or keep. America has just banned China from buying their tech companies’ processors and graphic cards. Huawei purchased processors from AMD and Intel for manufacturing their amazing products. This creates much confusion about whether we will receive updates or not. Will Huawei support its products anymore or not? Indeed, all your questions are also what others have on their minds these days.

But wait! Why was Huawei actually banned?

Why did America ban Huawei?

At the end of 2018, America banned Huawei from having any business with the USA. A bill passed by the federal government stated that all the tech companies like Intel, AMD, or Nvidia should immediately stop doing any sort of business with the telecommunication giant Huawei. In one of his statements later, Donald Trump said it was a threat to our military, agencies, and other law enforcement agencies. He further said that it was a national security concern for the USA.

He further said that the Chinese corporation had ties with the communist party and People’s Liberation Army – to use its control over telecommunications infrastructure to intercept data from individuals, corporations, and government.

Also, he said in the same press conference, “We’re not doing business with Huawei. We’re going to do our own business. Do you know the old-fashioned way? We’ll do it right from within the United States, which is what I’ve been saying for a long time… Speaking of tariffs, there are no tariffs if you want to build or make these products in the United States. There are no tariffs whatsoever.”

In a nutshell, America’s bans on Huawei not only stopped them from doing business with them but instead they have begun a new economic war with a future superpower, China. In fact, Huawei launched phones with no google play service by the second half of 2019, which changed everything in the market.

Will Huawei laptops stop getting updates?

While America bans it, you often most worry about whether the product will receive operating system updates or not. Sometimes, you might worry that if the operating system stops receiving updates, how will I carry on my work, or how will I play games like Roblox? Etc. 

All these queries are genuine because the ban has disturbed a huge amount of people across the world for Huawei products. When it was banned for the first time, it had shown a huge decline in the business for Huawei that potentially left various impacts in different regions of the world. 

But there is nothing to worry about software updates. Microsoft promises to deliver its services to its potential buyers on Huawei machines. In one of their statements, Microsoft officials said, “We remain committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Our initial evaluation of the US Department of Commerce’s decision on Huawei has indicated we may continue to offer Microsoft software updates to customers with Huawei devices.” The statement is quite enough to satisfy the consumers of Huawei laptops that they can continue to use their flawless services on their Huawei laptops.

Therefore, you can ensure yourself the software updates. You won’t see any unpatched security holes on your Huawei laptops; rather, they would be resolved by Microsoft with its gradual updates. All your office work can no longer be disturbed. You can easily use MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint for their outstanding and human-friendly features.

To sum up, Huawei laptops are entirely safe to use. In fact, there is nothing to worry about whether or not it will receive software updates, or even it will stop working. It won’t disappoint its potential users this way. Remember that it is one of the big telecommunication companies in the world. It definitely knows how it will fulfill the needs of its consumers and how it can satisfy them.


Is Huawei laptop safe?

Huawei laptops are completely safe and reliable to use. There is nothing to worry about their services and software updates about Huawei laptops. It is something that we can keep for the future. Let’s wait and see how it handles this economic war.

Are Huawei laptops safe UK?

According to some of the officials of the UK, Huawei will be prohibited from using the 5G network of the UK, but it does not mean that Huawei products will be unsafe to use. You can safely use laptops made by the Chinese company, Huawei.

Is Google banned on Huawei laptops?

Devices that came before May 2019, like P30 Series (including the P30 Pro New Edition), P20 Series, and Mate 20 Series, can continue to use google services. After May 2019, the products made by Huawei can no longer use Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and even the Google Play Store.

Do Huawei laptops need antivirus?

No, you don’t need any antivirus in Huawei laptops. They already have windows defender inside the operating system. The windows defender can prevent your Huawei laptop from any type of malicious attack. It gets updated automatically if you have a working WiFi connection.

Do Huawei laptops use Windows?

Yes, Huawei laptops can use Microsoft because they have obtained the license. You can enjoy all the services that are provided by Microsoft products.

Is Huawei health app safe?

Undoubtedly, all data related to your health can be easily saved to the Huawei health app. It won’t leak your personal data for other purposes.

Will Huawei survive without Google?

Huawei uses an open-source core android operating system. They will not ditch android overall. The fact is that they can survive without google as China launches its own search engine. It may seem a challenge, but such a big tech giant would know how to deal with such a situation.

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