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Can I Use Any Laptop for Coding?

Let’s get real!

Not every laptop is built the same and because there is a significant difference in specifications. Therefore, it’s a fool errand to believe that you can use any laptop for coding. The laptop specifications will vary from field to field. Although the tools and software utilized might be the same, the hardware necessities may be different. A game developer’s requirements will be more focused on the overall graphical performance. 

Whereas, for a web developer, the specifications needed in a laptop would be more towards powerful performance with other hardware necessities. Therefore, we have designed a very friendly and short guiding article to help you find the best laptop for software engineering students that will meet your specific requirements in the field and do wonders for you in terms of performance.

Significant Laptop Specifications for Software Engineers

We have shortlisted some of the most crucial laptop specifications that you should look for when purchasing a laptop specifically for coding.

The Processor

A processor is a critical component in a laptop, and the demand for it varies depending on the type of work you need it for. To handle large-scale projects, graphically extensive applications, and what do software engineers actually do, a fast processor is eminent. Moreover, it allows for a lag-free experience when multitasking, like working on multiple screens, windows, and applications.

If we have to recommend a processor, we would say that Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 should be your choice as it makes sure that there is no need for an upgrade anytime soon. Most game developers prefer an Intel Core i7 because it is more than ideal for it as it involves switching from the development tool to the game back in forth constantly. 

Moreover, there is also a need for a high-performance dedicated graphics card for the game development process to be seamless. Many development tools run simultaneously to the game, and a powerful processor helps make the compilation code easier. However, when compared to web designing tools, there isn’t a need for a high-speed processor, and a laptop with Intel Core i3 will suffice.

Random Access Memory

The RAM storage is a significant specification. As a professional programmer, you would possibly want to run IDEs and digital machines. These programs are extensive and consume a lot of storage. Therefore, running them simultaneously can be time-consuming and negatively affect the system’s performance, making it imperative to choose a laptop with comparatively reasonable storage that allows for a smooth multitasking experience.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be a huge matter of concern when it comes to web developers as they use tools that aren’t heavily RAM dependant. A laptop with 4GB will be more than enough. Although, software engineers who have to run emulators, IDEs, and various virtual machines need more RAM storage because their tasks involve dealing with large-scale projects.

Hence, 8GB of RAM storage is recommended. Moreover, the RAM requirement is even much higher for game development. Game developers require an extremely powerful system, and a RAM of 16GB or above is well suited. While purchasing a laptop with more RAM storage is necessary, you should also know that it can be expanded at a later stage when it doesn’t seem to fit your requirements.

The Keyboard

Apart from the internal hardware, there are some external hardware specifications that you have to keep in mind. The keyboard is one of them because programmers indefinitely spend most of their time coding. The need for an ergonomically designed keyboard on a laptop is very important. A laptop with a numeric keyboard is preferred that offers a softer-touch and decent travel experience. 

Moreover, apart from the overall design, the construction of the keyboard is essential too. It should be sturdy with durable keys as they are in constant use by a programmer. The keyboard layout should be inspected as well. You wouldn’t want a keyboard with the functional and Ctrl keys oddly repositioned as it will require more time to adapt to the layout. 

If you can, the back-lit keyboard feature comes in handy, especially when working late at night in lower-light settings. Just ensure that the overall layout and design of the keyboard are in alignment with your needs and will allow for a comfortable coding experience.

If a software engineer has these three things in their laptop at the best then there is no doubt that the software engineer will get paid even more better because they will perform exceptionally and out of the box!

What is the Final Conclusion

When choosing a laptop specifically for coding and programming purposes, it is crucial to pay attention to the specifications. A laptop is a heavy investment that should last you a long time, with room for an upgrade to hardware specifications in the future. We hope that our guide was helpful and will come in handy to help you find the best laptop that fits your coding need.

Happy Coding!

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