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Do Chemical Engineers Need a Laptop?

One of the most frequently asked questions by many soon-to-be chemical engineering students is if they need laptops during their degree?

Indeed, it is a necessity to have the best laptop for chemical engineering students because chemical engineering is a field that involves the use of different types of simulation software. Without a high-performance laptop, it won’t be possible to use them.

What Type of Software’s Does a Chemical Engineer Use?

It’s essential to understand and know the types of software a chemical engineering student uses during their degree program. It will help determine some key specifications one has to look for when purchasing a laptop. It will also ensure that the laptop purchased can support the software used in the various chemical engineering courses.

Some of the most common software used when studying chemical engineering are MatLab, ChemCad, ChemPro, and Aspen; this mentioned software for different purposes like carrying out simulation and testing other elements and chemicals. Moreover, these software’s also come in handy to carry out multiple and simultaneous aspects of different chemicals.

What Type of Laptop Should a Chemical Engineer Student Buy?

Apart from high and mighty performance, a laptop needs a few other specifications. In contrast, most college laptops aim to provide a good balance between performance and price. A laptop for chemical engineering students requires more processing power and exceptional graphics because software like CAD and CAM demand these features to run smoothly and seamlessly.

When searching to find a laptop, a chemical engineering student should look at specifications like the Operating System. The Windows OS is what we recommend as there is software that other operating systems might not support. Therefore, Windows OS is a much safer option. 

Moreover, a laptop’s display size plays a massive role in overall productivity.

Primary Fluid Dynamics computation and process simulation software demand a more prominent display size. Hence, a laptop with a display size of below 15-inches is not ideal. The central processing unit recommended is Intel Core i5 and above. You can even go for the AMD Ryzen 4000 as it offers similar efficiency to an Intel Core i7. The RAM is a specification one shouldn’t compromise, and the higher it is, the better.

A high storage RAM offers more room for multitasking and, the software used in the course of your chemical engineering degree won’t function on low capacity RAM storage. Therefore, we would recommend a laptop with RAM of 8GB and above. Moreover, the laptop’s storage should at least have the capacity of 500GB and, more which would be a bonus because one can’t ever have enough storage.

On a friendly note, If a student has all the necessary tools and resources which he would need during his studies will indirectly help out him in his career and same is the case with chemical students if you want them to have a good chemical engineering career then there should be a laptop with them that very important!

Summing It Up!

We hope by now you understand the importance of a laptop in the field of chemical engineering. Therefore, if you want to be a chemical engineer, a high-performance and durable notebook is a must-have!

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