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How Much Does A Laptop Weigh? {All Models & Sizes}

Consider that you carry a heavy bag on your shoulders with a laptop and some other stuff in it. After one or two miles, you realize that it puts a heavy burden on your shoulders because of its weight. Meanwhile, you start feeling tired, and the tiredness doesn’t let you work efficiently for the rest of the day. What would you think and decide to solve the problem that not only makes you tired but also affects your entire day?

Of course, you would do something with the stuff inside your bag, and it is going to be a wise decision if you do something with your laptop’s weight. Remember that you should always take care of the weight while you are in the market. Once you enter the market to buy one, you have to look at its sizes, features, weight, etc.

Before, laptops that were capable of doing more work had heavier weights because more fans, RAMs, and graphic cards were installed for better performance. Now, the tradition has changed. Smarter laptops can even function better than the heaviest laptop of the early times. But still, the size and weight of a laptop matter because of people’s preferences. Below, you would understand exactly what is the weight of some typical laptops used nowadays, the size they carry in actuality, and why weight matters in great detail.

Ultrabook and Chromebook

Laptops usually weigh between two pounds to eight pounds. Considering Ultrabook, it is light and thin and weighs two to three pounds. Interestingly, both laptops use different operating systems. The Ultrabook uses Windows operating system, and the Chromebook uses Chrome operating system. Both are sold every second day in the market to satisfy the needs of people.


These laptops are very common and can be easily ported from one place to another. They are thin and attractive. These laptops weigh between two to five pounds. Windows and Mac operating systems are commonly installed in these systems. Moreover, the Apple Macbook Air, the HP EliteBook, the HP Spectre Folio, and the Acer Swift 7 are some common laptops that come into this category and are perfect for heavy tasks such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

Thin and Light

As the name expresses, the thin and light laptops are light and thin in weight and appearance. The thin body attracts its users to carry on using them. The weight of these laptops ranges from three to six pounds. Such amazing thin bodies and lightweight features have always inspired people. These types of laptops inhabit various models, including laptops such as the 13” Apple MacBook Pro, the Google Pixelbook, and the Dell XPS 15. Last but not least, these laptops use different operating systems.

Desktop Replacement

The companies have made such laptops to inhabit all the features and performance that a desktop provides. They are usually bigger in size and heavier in weight than other laptop groups. They weigh up to 4 pounds which is, of course, heavier than other groups of laptops. Also, a huge battery exists inside to provide cooling when it is heated or overheated. You will find these laptops more powerful than others. The Alienware 17 R5 Gaming laptop and the MSI GP73 Leopard-209 are some common laptops that exist in this group. In short, you should only have them when you want to get rid of a PC from your room.


The laptops are the heaviest of all other groups. Laptops from this group weigh up to 15 pounds. These laptops are called portable systems (PCs) that can be carried to any other place easily, unlike the scattered parts of a desktop computer. The Compaq Portable II is one of the examples from this group.

What About the Size?

Size is the name of laptops’ external features. These features are often measured in terms of height, width, and depth.

Height is measured through the size of the laptop from the bottom to the back of the display when the laptop is closed, width is measured from the left side of the keyboard across to the right, and depth is measured from the front of the laptop to the back. Now, let’s talk about the weight of some laptops of different sizes.

13-inch laptop’s weight

A variety of laptops from different manufacturers exist in 13-inch laptops. These laptops usually weigh from 2 to 3 pounds. The weight mentioned here does not include battery and cables, etc.

14- inch laptop’s weight

These laptops are also found in various models. Different manufacturers have launched various models of 14 inches. They weigh between 3.3 pounds to 4.4 pounds. The weight mentioned here does not include battery and cables, etc. 

15- inch laptop’s weight

There is a wide range of laptops that are of 15-inches size. The usual weight of these laptops is between 4 and 4.4 pounds, including both multimedia and gaming models. Just like other sizes, the weight mentioned here does not include battery and cables, etc.

Why Weight Matters

Consider yourself a traveler. Would you ever want to make your stuff heavier than the strength you have to carry them along the journey? Of course not; you would exactly want it to be as light as possible because it would make your journey much more comfortable.

Why weight matters can be understood very well from the former statement. The lighter your laptop is, the better you are convenient with it. It is exactly sure that no one ever wants to carry a heavy laptop that is even not capable of doing a better performance than those light in weight and better performance. Therefore, manufacturers of different laptops have almost focused on the weight of their laptops and correspondingly on the better performance too.

Other than traveling, heavier laptops make you tired, especially when working in your bedroom. Keeping it in your lap would make you tired after a while because it carries heavy weight. Hence, it would be lovely to have a lightweight laptop for your work wherever you want to. 

To conclude, you have seen that laptops of different sizes contain different weights. Similarly, we would say that the performance does matter when you decide to buy one for yourself rather than anything else. Remember that it is now possible that a lightweight laptop performs better than the traditional heavier laptops. So, it would be a genius decision if you buy a laptop that is not only easy to carry but also lovely to work with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2 kg heavy for a laptop?

Yes, it is a heavy laptop. People consider heavy any laptop that is heavier than 2 Kgs. Heavier than 2 kgs mostly stand panic in use. Therefore, it is better to use a lighter one.

Why are laptops so heavy?

Laptops become heavy when people make it gaming laptops. The laptop needs more power that alternatively requires more cooling fans and thus gets heavy. One thing to note here is that people convert their heavy laptops into Desktops sometimes for more efficient processing.

How can I reduce the weight of my laptop?

There are two leading solutions to reduce the weight of a laptop. First, replace your hard disk with a solid-state disk (SSD). Ask a technician to replace it safely for you. Second, remove the CD room of your laptop because it has rare use nowadays. Don’t put it back unless you need it.

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