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How To Charge Laptop With HDMI? {Even Kids Can Do It}

Your laptop may run out of power when you least expect it, and if the traditional charger is faulty, you may not access your work files. However, you can learn how to charge a laptop with HDMI and secure unsaved documents. There are many alternative ways to charge a laptop and you should find the right method which works for your device. Here are alternative ways to charge your laptop when your charger is faulty.

Can HDMI Port Be Used for Charging?

If the laptop charger tip is broken or it fails to charge, you can charge your device using an HDMI cable when you least expect. However, the charging method should be the last resort when your charger fails and needs urgent work on the laptop. The HDMI cable may not meet the same regulations as the charger; it may not provide the accurate voltage and current required to charge the laptop safely.

The HDMI cable provides small voltage amounts compared to the laptop charger, thus charging the laptop slowly. However, it may not suit all electrical appliances, but most laptops are compatible with HDMI cable chargers. If the HDMI cable is suited to your phone, it will save the day, but you would need to buy the charger as soon as you get the chance.

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

  • Step 1: Check the connection

You may start by checking if the laptop supports the HDMI cable; recent thin and slim laptops have reduced HDMI cables. You may check both sides to find the HDMI, which will be compatible with the cable. MacBook may not have HDMI cables, but other laptop brands would have HDMI cable ports. However, it is better to check the ports before charging.

Even when the laptop does not have an HDMI cable, you can be creative with the connection; use the adapter cable, which converts into HDMI. You may find the adaptors in the stores, and they are not expensive. However, if the laptop does not have a port and doesn’t have an adapter, the HDMI cable will not charge the laptop.

  • Step 2: Start the connection

With the HDMI cable or the adapter, you may start the connection and charge your laptop. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV, which supports the cable; connect one end of the cable to the port on the TV and the other end to the HDMI port on the laptop. Double-check the connection to ensure the cable enters the right ports, ensure the ports are functioning, and secure the connections. If you have the HDMI port, you will not need to fiddle with the adapters.

  • Step 3: Finish the connection and test

Once you establish the correct laptop and TV HDMI connection, you will check to ensure the connection works. With the correct connection, the HDMI cable will charge your laptop; thus, if the connection does not charge the laptop, you may need to ensure the cables are sitting in the right port and ensure the connection is secure.

Can You Charge A Chromebook With An HDMI Cable?

You can charge the Chromebook with an HDMI cable using the USB Type-C; however, the type of charging has its caveats. You would ensure the cable has a plug adapter then plug it into the port outlet. The USB-C is a basic charger, and you would use the Chromebook settings to create the connection; then click the power source, which allows a user to select the USB-C port they would love to receive the power. Thus, if the settings do not allow the USB-C charging options, you will charge your Chromebook with the cable.

Is There Another Way to Charge A Laptop?

  • Use a power bank

You can charge the laptop using the power back when you can’t access the HDMI ports and charger. However, the power bank uses USB-C ports to supply power to the laptop. You would use the power bank the same way you would charge your phone. The issue might be the low voltage, most laptops may need 8v to 12v, and a few laptops may support the 5v from the power bank. Thus, if you wish to use the power bank to charge the laptop, it would be better to get one that supports more than 8v and higher.

  • Use the car battery

The car battery will charge your laptop; you need a power inverter with 300 watts to effectively charge the laptop. The car battery may not have enough power to power other power tools, but it would charge a laptop. You may need to leave the power inverter on the car floor, and you can easily use the laptop in the car. Thus, if you are stuck away from a reliable electric source, you will charge your laptop using the car battery when you have a power inverter.

  • Use a type-C adapter

A Type-C adapter will charge your laptop, but you need a port that supports the charger. You will plug the type- C charger into a power source; the adapter protects against high heat and high voltage and keeps your laptop in good condition.

  • Use a universal power adapter

A universal adapter can substitute the official laptop charger; however, you should be careful as it can kill the laptop battery, especially high voltage. You will find the compatible charger as the universal chargers have interchangeable tips which support different laptop brands.

  • Use a super battery

The supper batteries are second or spare batteries for the laptop, and cables can connect the supper battery to the original laptop battery. You may get one that fits your laptop to enjoy an effective power supply during an emergency.

Final Thoughts

You can learn how to charge a laptop with an HDMI cable when the traditional charger is faulty. First, your laptop will need a charging port compatible with the HDMI cable and connect one end to the laptop and another to the TV. Then ensure the connection is secure to facilitate the charging. However, if you don’t have the HDMI cable, you would use a universal adapter, a super battery, a Type-C adapter, and a power bank to charge your laptop. Good luck finding ways to charge your laptop when the charger is faulty.

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