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How To Fix Dell Laptop Black Screen? {7 Step By Step Fixes}

Have you noticed a completely black screen on your laptop? You are not alone! A black screen is a common concern among numerous Dell laptop owners. Once your Dell laptop displays a black screen, operating on it becomes difficult, which can be quite frustrating if you were in-between a project, Google classroom session, or streaming your favorite show.

However, there is no need to worry as this ‘black screen’ issue is easy to address. This post will take an in-depth look into fixing the Dell laptop’s black screen. Nonetheless, it is best to recognize what may be causing this issue to understand better the steps to rectify it. Continue reading to find out more.

Reasons for Dell Laptop Black Screen

  • Poor connection between the operating system and graphics drivers: This concern is the most common reason for the black screen on Dell laptops. Run a troubleshoot to identify any misconnections.
  • Display Issues: When your video card or driver, monitor, connecting cable, or the monitor is damaged, your laptop’s screen will likely turn black.
  • Device overheating: Overheating is often caused by poor ventilation. When the laptop overheats, the Dell laptop screen randomly turns black. Furthermore, overheating can result in the crashing of your PC.
  • Hidden Virus: If your Dell laptop goes black but continues to run, malware or virus has probably infiltrated your system.
  • Hardware failure: If your Dell computer’s hardware fails, you may get a blank screen or sometime we have noticed that users even get a Pink screen.
  • Windows installation problems: For Windows users, failure to correctly install Windows on the machine can cause a black screen error on your Dell PC.
  • Power supply problems: an issue with your power connection could also cause a black screen on your computer.

What to Do If Your Computer Turns on, But the Screen Is Black?

Now that you have figured out what causing your black screen, how can you correct it? Depending on what is causing this problem on your Dell laptop, there are numerous fixes you can apply. Some of the most common include:

Solution 1: Conduct A Force Shut Down

You cannot restart the machine with a black screen as you usually would. Thus, the first fix should be a force shutdown or restart your frozen Dell laptop.

Solution 2: Boot Laptop into Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, only the most essential system services and programs are permitted to run. Thus, booting your Dell computer into Safe Mode can reduce the chances of encountering the black screen issue. It also assists you in determining the cause of the black screen.

Solution 3: Restart Graphics Drivers

If your Dell laptop starts up with a black screen, the connection between the operating system and graphics drivers may be poor. You could reboot your graphics drivers using a hotkey combination. Start by pressing Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys.

Solution 4: Replace the Existing Display Panel

If you have attempted the above measures, but your black screen is not resolving, the problem might be your existing display. There are various troubleshooting options to check if your display is the problem. If yes, replace it with a new one.

Solution 5: Reset or update the BIOS

Corrupt BIOS settings can cause a dark screen on a Dell laptop. As a result, resetting or updating the BIOS can assist you in resolving the issue. Try alternative methods instead if you cannot access your PC’s BIOS settings.

Solution 6: Restart the PC’s Explorer.exe Process

Explorer.exe controls various processes on your Dell machine, including taskbar, desktop, and many more. In case of malfunctioning, it could go black. As such, you should restart it to resolve the problem.

Solution 7: Reinstall Your Windows System

Reinstalling your Windows system should be the last resort in fixing a black screen on Dell. Nevertheless, all crucial data and personal information may be wiped during the installation. Therefore, before system installation, have a backup of these data.

How to Troubleshoot Dell Inspiron Black Screen?

The Dell Inspiron black screen problem is not a new occurrence. Numerous Dell owners have complained about the same before. The following are the standard troubleshooting methods for this problem:

Fix 1: Forced Restart/Hard Reset

Here’s how to fix the Dell Inspiron black by force restart or hard reset:

  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button till the power light turns off, and the Dell Inspiron Laptop is turned off
  • Disconnect the power source’s AC adapter or a power wire. If feasible, you can also remove the battery
  • Disconnect all external devices from the Dell Inspiron Laptop
  • Refix the battery and press the ‘Power’ button on the laptop for 20 seconds
  • Connect the AC adapter and power wire as well
  • Press the ‘Power’ button once again to turn on your PC. Once your machine turns on, the black screen will resolve.

Fix 2: Uninstall third-party apps from your Inspiron Laptop

Third-party programs can sometimes be corrupt. As a result, you may experience issues like the Dell Inspiron black screen error. To get rid of them, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ‘Start’ menu
  • Select’ Control Panel’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select’ Programs and Features’ from the ‘Programs’ menu
  • Select the third-party apps you want to fix or get rid of
  • If the option ‘Repair’ is available, select it. If not, select ‘Change.’
  • To conclude the process of resolving the Dell laptop black screen on Inspiron, follow the on-screen directions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Dell Laptop Screen Not Turning On?

Various reasons could cause a black screen, also known as ‘the screen of death. The keyboard and other keys turn on in this scenario, but the screen remains black. This occurrence could be the outcome of various concerns, including display, BIOS settings, hardware failure, poor connection, etc.

Why My Laptop Will Suddenly Black Screen?

The most common reason for a sudden black screen on your PC is a failed connection between the graphics driver and your OS. It could also result from device overheating or a hidden virus. Nonetheless, you cannot rule out other factors such as a faulty display system, hardware failure, and problems with your windows installation.

Why Is My Dell Screen So Dark?

Provided your display is not compromised, the most prevalent culprit for a continually darkened screen is ‘power saving mode.’ When your PC’s battery is nearly depleted, it can turn off various background tasks and adjust the display to consume less power. However, if your screen is entirely dark, it could point to a more intrinsic concern, such as hardware failure.

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