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How To Fix Pink Screen On Laptop? {Solved}

Have you been to a pink screen issue while using your laptop? If yes, it might have disturbed you the most. As a laptop user, If you are going through such a problem, don’t worry; it can easily be solved. Just keep reading till last. You would exactly know what you need to do to fix this problem. Let’s get into it.

What is the pink screen?

A pink screen is the appearance of your laptop screen with pink most vision. Laptops use a GRB color mixer to display anything we want on the screen. Here, g stands for green, R stands for red, and B stands for blue. A moderate amount of this color mixture is always used to show different colors on the screen while playing a video game, doing zoom meetings, or any other task that we often do on our laptops.

Particularly talking about the pink screen, it happens when the red in the GRB mixture stands highest, the blue color higher, and the color green at a medium level. When this happens, it converts an overall screen into a pink shade, sometimes, a particular part, and sometimes, it shows pink lines on the screen. Now, what causes a laptop to have a pink screen? Let’s understand it deeper.

Causes of a Pink Screen on Laptop

Two main factors result in a pink screen of your laptop. The first one is the hardware problem that results in a pink screen, and the second one is a software problem that results in a pink screen.

Following are the factors of hardware that result in pink screen:

  • Defective Monitor
  • Flawed Wire connections
  • Drive malfunction
  • Loosen cables
  • The Temperature of GPU

Whereas software factors that result in the pink screen are mentioned below:

  • Out of date Graphic drivers
  • Software installed from unauthorized sources
  • Tampered software and apps
  • Virus

The important thing is to fix the pink screen. As discussed earlier, the problem lies in two main categories- software and hardware, just like a Dell black screen issue. Before moving towards software fixes, connect your laptop to another monitor or any other laptop. Now, see if the problem is solved. If it got solved, it is then exactly the software issue. Otherwise, you have to take your laptop to the market to get it repaired by an expert.

Anyways, below are some solutions to help you solve that problem quickly at your home. So, let’s see how we can repair it ourselves.

Simple Fixes to a Pink Screen

There are various fixes to a pink screen. When you sit to fix the issue, test the following ways one by one that would hopefully work in the best way to assist you at the time.

Detach the peripherals

The first easy way is to detach all the peripherals connected to your laptop. Sometimes, these devices also cause a pink screen. To do so, you need to turn off your laptop and leave the mouse and monitor connected only. Once you turn it off, connect these peripherals back and see if the pink screen has normalized. If not so, move to the other solution.

Restart your laptop

It seems very simple, but sometimes, it is very helpful to restart the laptop to fix the pink screen. It clears the head and removes any programming issue that creates troubles in the form of a pink screen. So, trying this way before implementing a lengthy troubleshoot is great and safe!

Update your Laptop’s Graphic Card

If the previous basic fixes didn’t work, you might have a problem with the graphic card that resulted in the pink screen. It is straightforward to update the graphic card. Below are some steps that would help you when you sit to update the graphic card of your laptop. Let’s get into these steps.

  • First of all, press the windows button along with the X (windows+ X) on the keyboard.
  • Now, you would see a list of programs where you have to select the “Device manager.”
  • Once you open the device manager, you should see the “Display Adapters.” Now just below this option, you will find your graphic card.
  • Now, click right on it, and it will display the option of graphic card update. Click on the option to proceed.
  • It will show you “search automatically for updated driver software.”. just click to proceed and wait until it updates.

Hopefully, your problem would be solved through the update if it were related to the update of the graphic card. Restart your laptop once you are done with the update.

Check the Temperature of your Laptop’s GPU

The pink screen can appear if the GPU is overheated. When the fan for cooling the GPU gets dusty, it usually overheats. Windows do not provide any specific software for checking the temperature of the graphic card. Therefore, you need to install EVGA’s Precision X1. This software gives the features to check your laptop’s GPU temperature easily.

Check if the GPU is overheated. In case of overheating, you need to clean the dust on the GPU fan check again if it works properly. If the problem still appears, you need to move to another solution.

Reset the display settings of your laptop

Sometimes, the display setting on your laptop may not be accurate. We often give our laptops to family members and friends to use for their work, but we can’t monitor them at all. So, they might have mistakenly tampered with the settings. Therefore, resetting the display might bring the accurate color back.

Read more: How to reset your ASUS laptop easily within a few clicks.

Reinstall the apps

If you just installed an app, and you see that it made your laptop’s screen pink. It probably has come tampered files. Therefore, it wasn’t installed the way it must have been. In such cases, the program or app would be difficult to run due to its corrupted files, which sometimes cause a pink screen. Thus, it is better to reinstall it accurately once more.

Change the connector cables of your laptop

The faulty connector cables often show a pink display. It is better to check it once if you see a pink screen problem. If the problem is solved with another cable, it needs you to change that faulty cable.

To conclude, these are some ways to solve your laptop’s pink screen at home. If none of them worked, you have to take it to the market to repair the screen or return it to the company if it is under warranty. Hopefully, you will get rid of the pink scree soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my pink screen?

Turn off the computer, and unplug the video cable. Sometimes, a broken or faulty screen creates such issues. Make sure you don’t keep it bent, or the cable’s pins are completely fine.

Why is my laptop screen half pink?

Your laptop’s screen might be broken, or you might have a faulty wire between the motherboard and laptop screen. Connect your laptop to another screen and see if the display is fine.

Can laptop screens be fixed?

Yes, laptop screens can easily be repaired. You can do it yourself by just searching online. If it is a hardware-damaged fixing, you need to visit an expert’s shop.

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