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How To Flip The Screen On A Dell Laptop

Are you wondering how to flip the screen on a Dell laptop? Well, you don’t need to worry. As you work on your Dell Laptop, you need to capture some detail or a glimpse in a picture. 

If you cannot see the pictures clearly from the current angle, you might want to flip your laptop until you see the right angle. The process is much simpler and more convenient. You can learn how to do it here.

Without any doubt, you need to press the Control and Alt keys at the same time to flip your Dell laptop screen. The device’s settings allow you to change the display orientation if this does not work.

Select Display Orientation

  • Click anywhere on the screen with your right mouse button.
  • Select “Display settings.” 

Choose your Orientation

  • It’s up to you to decide what orientation you need. In landscape orientation, the display is horizontal, whereas a portrait orientation shows the monitor vertically. 
  • The landscape orientation (flipped) is horizontal with a 90-degree flip. 
  • The portrait is vertical in orientation with a 90-degree flip.

Is It Possible To Rotate The Screen On A Dell Laptop?

Of course! You can rotate a Dell laptop’s screen. You must determine whether you can rotate a Dell laptop’s screen as a first step. Most laptops have a feature that rotates the screen, and laptops only differ in how screens are rotated.

Almost all laptops and computers can rotate the screen; you will rarely use this feature. Dell laptops typically allow you to rotate the display horizontally or vertically, so rotating a display would make sense.

Unfortunately, almost all laptops do not support this feature. In addition to tilting your laptop, you won’t want to rotate the screen.

Although it does not matter whether you would like to rotate your laptop’s screen or not but this fantastic feature is present in any Dell laptop. 

How Do I Rotate my Screen on Laptop? 

Although it can be pretty frightening to rotate your laptop upside-down, you can quickly flip it back or flip it on its side. So, we will guide you on how you can rotate your laptop screen back to the original orientation. There are two ways to rotate your laptop’s screen if you are not facing Dell Laptop black screen issue

You can change the settings in the display settings menu or use a keyboard shortcut. We recommend using these two methods since most laptops already support this function.

Hotkey Method

On your Dell Laptop, you can quickly flip the screen.

  • Then hold down both “alt” and “ctrl” simultaneously. These are the keys found next to the space bar on your keyboard. The right arrow can be clicked while holding these keys.
  • As a result, your screen will turn 90 degrees to the right.
  • To return the screen to its original position, press “Alt” + “Ctrl” while simultaneously holding down the left arrow.
  • The up and down arrows can rotate the screen 90 degrees, either upwards or downwards.

Display Settings

You will need to access the display settings menu if the keyboard shortcut is not working. To do so, you must access the Display settings menu.

Using the Windows Control Panel lets you flip the screen; however, you should be aware that it will be challenging to flip it back, but the mouse movement also changes. 

However, you can fix this problem by rotating the laptop! Below are the instructions on how to rotate your Dell laptop screen using the method of display settings.

  1. Choose “Display Settings” from the dropdown menu when you right-click the Windows desktop.
  2. Choose “Display orientation” dropdown in the “Settings > Display” menu. Select a rotation like landscape or portrait.
  3. The screen changes automatically. It shows a prompt. Please Select “Keep changes” to save the desired orientation display setting.

How do I Rotate my Dell 2 in 1 Screen?

Suppose your screen will probably flip automatically, like a smartphone, if you have a 2-in-1 device. However, you can change the settings of your device to stop it.

Ensure the “Rotation Lock” section in your Settings is locked or unlocked. If the screen is locked, it will not flip when you hold it without the keyboard. Alternatively, you can open the rotation lock to allow it to rotate freely.

How do I Rotate my Screen on Windows 10 Laptop?

The laptop screen can be rotated or flipped in Windows 10 the same way you can on your smartphone. Rotating the screen comes in handy in many situations On Windows 10. 

For example, you might find it more efficient to view code in portrait mode on an external monitor if you’re a programmer. Reading a book or document on a tablet can be more comfortable if the screen is switched to portrait or landscape orientation. 

To play a prank on a friend, you can turn the screen upside down, or if you accidentally invoked the rotate shortcut, you can return to landscape mode.

Regardless of the reason, Windows 10 gives you the option of displaying the screen in landscape, portrait, or flipped mode under the Graphics control panel, using the Settings app, or using a keyboard shortcut.

Step # 1

  • Select “Display Settings” from a blank area of your Windows desktop using your right mouse button.

Step # 2

  • Select a display orientation from the dropdown menu.

Step # 3

  • You’ll need to select your preferred orientation at this point. 
  • There are four options: landscape, portrait, reverse landscape, and reverse portrait.

Step # 4

  • Click “Keep Changes” to save your changes. You can also click “Revert” to return to the previous orientation.

Without selecting one of these options, the orientation will revert after 15 seconds. You can flip the monitor on your Windows 10 computer as you learned. 

If you turn your screen orientation by mistake, this will help you restore orientation and let you switch directions whenever you want.


There are several ways how to flip the screen on a Dell laptop. On Dell Laptops, you can easily flip the screen. If you wish it to rotate freely you must unlock the rotation lock. Never stop and observe your needs according to your perspective, whether you use a rotation lock, a settings panel, or a keyboard shortcut.

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