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How To Screenshot On ASUS Laptop? {Even Kids Can Do}

Having an Asus laptop in your hands might need you one day to take a screenshot of the visual information displayed on your laptop screen. There, you might be confused for the very first time after its purchase about how you can take a screenshot on your Asus laptop; This is not a problem at all. Whether ZenBook, Vivobook, or Taiwan, Asus laptops use the windows operating system. Therefore, you should not worry about taking a screenshot as it is not much more different than others such as taking screenshots on Lenovo.

Briefly defining the screenshot, we would add that it is sometimes not possible to copy the text or any other type of data available on your screen. There, you would need to have only one option called screenshot. The screenshot takes up all the visual information available on a tab or your laptop screen and saves it as an image in your system. It helps in different areas, especially when you are explaining the “How to” mechanism through text and screenshots. The screenshot helps readers to understand the concept better with theory and visual representation.

Now, several methods on an Asus laptop could be used for taking a screenshot. The old method of taking the screenshot is still as simple as it was, but now, plenty of software helps you take the screenshot with more editing options and features. Let us explore some of the methods that would help you take screenshots on your Asus laptop with a detailed guide.

How to screenshot on an Asus laptop using PrtSc?

This method lets you take a screenshot of your entire screen with the key named as PrtSc key / PrtScn, Print Screen. By looking at the top right corner in the first row of buttons, you can easily find the key in your Asus laptop for taking a screenshot. Various methods help us take screenshots using this key. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Method 1: using PrtSc button for taking a screenshot

In this method, you have first to open the tab or screen you want to capture. Once you do it, press the PrtSc button available on the right top corner of your laptop. It will take a screenshot of the laptop screen. Once you are done with these steps, it would be time to save paste it into a windows built-in software like Paint, etc.; at last, just press ctrl+s to save it in your required folder. That’s it for taking a screenshot of your Asus laptop simply. Remember! If you copied something else before pasting the screenshot in Paint or any other software, it would be demolished, and you would have to take another screenshot.

Method 2: Using Windows + PrtSc buttons for taking a screenshot

If the first method doesn’t take a screenshot, it probably requires another way to take the screenshot. Don’t worry! It could be the difference in the architecture of your laptop. You need to switch to another way of taking the screenshot. Again, you have to open the tab or screen you want to screenshot. First, look down at the control key named “ctrl” in the last row of your keyboard on the left. Hold on to the “ctrl” key and press the PrtSc button in the top right corner of your laptop; This should take a screenshot of the screen available on your laptop.

After this, open Paint or word file and paste it there. Now, you can easily watch the screenshot taken. You can edit and frame it according to your need, and then, you can save it by pressing “ctrl+s” one after another in your desired directory.

Remember! You can use the same method for almost all laptops brand such as taking screenshots on Samsung.

Method 3: Using Alt + PrtSc buttons for taking a screenshot

If the previous methods didn’t work, you would have to take the screenshot using the Alt+ PrtSc buttons. Again, open the tab or screen that you want to screenshot. Then, look down in the left corner at the bottom of the keyboard. The third or the fourth key would be the Alt key on your laptop’s keyboard. Hold on to the Alt button and press the PrtSc key present on the top right corner of your laptop. It should take a screenshot of your laptop screen.

Once you do this, paste it into any editing software (can be built-in), and then edit anything if you want. Now, press the ctrl+s or ctrl+Alt+s to save the entire screenshot in your required folder.

Remember! Do not copy anything else before pasting it in editing software. Otherwise, you have to take another screenshot with the same method once again.

These are, of course, old methods that came up with windows built-in functions. Following are some other tools that can help you take screenshots. Let’s get into them.

How to Take Screenshots Using the Snipping Tool

One of the great tools for taking a screenshot of your laptop screen. The tool is available after Windows Vista. It is an effective Microsoft built-in software in the windows operating system that helps users take awesome screenshots. The latest versions of windows call it Snip&Sketch. Well, this is the same thing as the snipping tool was. The best thing about the Snipping tool is that it takes not only the screenshot but also crops at the moment, whatever is not essential. Here is the guide on how to take screenshots using the snipping tool.

Look at your laptop’s mechanical keyboard and find the windows button in the bottom left corner. You can also click through the mouse on the left bottom corner tab with the phrase “Type here to search” on the desktop. Write “Snip” in the search bar. It will show you the tool at the top of the search. Click on it, and then click on new at the top left corner of the page. Now, click and drag to select the portion for the screenshot, and then release the mouse button. Finally, click the “save snip” icon to save the screenshot.

This is the overall process of snipping tool used to capture screenshots. Here is another useful software that we think you could find more interesting for capturing screenshots. Let’s explore this one as well.

How to Take a Screenshot Using Snagit

Snagit is a third-party powerful image editing tool that many users use to capture screenshots. It comes up with many editing features that seem very helpful for screenshots. It enables you not only to take a screenshot but also to record your screen. Below is the complete guide on how to take a screenshot using Snagit.

First of all, download and install the software. Afterward, run it and sign in into SnagIt. Now, click the capture button. Once you do this, click and drag on your picture to choose the required area. Release the click button now. It will select the area. Now, click the camera icon to capture the selected area. 

You can also edit your screenshot on the pop-up Snagit Editor, and then you can save it by just clicking ctrl+s on your keyboard.

To sum up, these are some short and easy methods for capturing a screenshot on an ASUS laptop. These methods could also be used in other laptops, sometimes, with slight change due to the difference in computer architecture. Choose the one you like and screenshot whatever you want.

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