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Is Chemical Engineering a Good Career?

In this article, we’ll be exploring in detail what the opportunities are out there when pursuing a career in chemical engineering. One of the most common questions asked by many students is “If Chemical Engineering is a Good Career.” The answer isn’t as simplistic as the question itself because chemical engineering is undoubtedly a very challenging field. 

How to Pursue a Career in Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering requires individuals to study subjects like Physics, Chemistry and, Maths. It’s a field that most likely involves students giving several high-level exams at a degree level. To pursue a career in chemical engineering and ensure success in the field, one has to enroll in a Bachelor of Engineering degree, which approximately lasts for 4 years.

Once a student has successfully graduated from their bachelor’s program, they can either jumpstart their career in chemical engineering by looking for relevant jobs for fresh chemical engineering graduates, or they can continue to pursue the Masters of Engineering degree, which usually lasts for 1-2 years. After graduating with a Master’s of Engineering, degree students can look for fresh graduate jobs in the chemical engineering field.

However, there isn’t a road map to pursue a career in this field as many students complete their bachelor’s degree and start immediately. In contrast, some start their career after completing their master’s degrees. The only minimum requirement that’s needed to pursue a career in chemical engineering is a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree. Without a degree pursuing a career in this field will not be possible.

What Type of Jobs are There for Chemical Engineering Graduates?

There are endless job opportunities for chemical engineering graduates in various industries like:

  • Information Technology
  • Energy Production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Design and Construction
  • Petrochemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Micro Electronics
  • Environment Health and Safety
  • Polymers
  • Pulp and Paper

When working in these industries as a chemical engineer, the job role will typically involve developing and refining existing methods or processes, along with the creation of innovative methods for the alteration of existing materials. 

Moreover, as chemical engineering is a vast field, there are more career opportunities in different sectors like consultancy, manufacturing and, quality assurance as they demand the skills and knowledge of a chemical engineer. Therefore, the opportunities are endless and vast with a lot of professional growth.

How Do I Get Relevant Work Experience?

If you’re unsure about in which area of chemical engineering you would like to work in. The best way is to get the first-hand experience by looking for internship opportunities during your degree. Placement as an intern in an industry will provide you practical knowledge, skills, and the know-how of a chemical engineer in a company. 

Moreover, it will also provide you with an opportunity to network, which will come in handy when looking for chemical engineering work opportunities in the future. They’re also opportunities in many industries where fresh chemical engineering graduates can work in the capacity of a shadow engineer to learn and observe the responsibilities and skills needed.

Are There Risks Involved Pursuing a Career in Chemical Engineering?

Although, it might not be a very common question asked. We still want to cover every aspect of pursuing a career in chemical engineering as we aim to equip you with all the knowledge entirely there is to know and understand. After all, deciding a career path is a big step for any individual, and without all the relevant knowledge, one can make the wrong decisions.

Now to answer the question, chemical engineering isn’t a field we can label as “risky.” It also all comes down to the job role, as there are some risks involved when working in a role that requires the individual to work with chemicals and plant equipment. However, the risks aren’t that high and can be completely avoided by following the safety precautions necessary.

If you’re worried that finding a job as a chemical engineer will be difficult and there might not be enough opportunities out there for you, then we would like to change your mind. Chemical engineers are in high demand because their services are needed in almost all industries. Therefore, there will never be a lack of opportunity and, as industries are growing, the demand for the workforce is increasing globally.

Do you know? Chemical engineers can do wonders over the internet as well through freelancing and teaching but again a question arises that do chemical engineers need a laptop? Indeed they do!

Most importantly, in this particular profession, there are more prospects for higher earning. As the services for chemical engineers are highly demanded in the top leading industries, there are more growth opportunities and higher salary brackets.

Now, what do you think? Is chemical engineering a good career for you or not?

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