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What Does Adobe Creative Cloud Include?

People with a creative side to them require professional software to pursue their passion. Adobe Creative Cloud gives people the opportunity to show their creative side and work more intelligently. The app seamlessly collects more than 20 apps that allow people to design web pages, establish graphics, and edit photos and videos. 

It is an exceptional application that is multipurpose and valuable to accomplish various digital tasks. You can also download this application on your iPads, Mobile Phones, and Laptop to use on the go, But by nature, it has a collection of heavy applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and Illustrator so you would need the best laptop for adobe creative cloud in order to make your experience smoother and handle all the graphic related work for your own or your clients.

Let’s have a look at what does Adobe Creative Cloud includes except the one which are very famous and everybody know from their suite:

A glance what it includes!

What comes with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a versatile platform with multiple features to offer to its users. It is without a doubt the best creative app to get your hands-on. Let’s have a look at what comes with Adobe Creative Cloud:

1: 20+ apps

You will discover that Adobe Creative Cloud has more than 20 apps with exceptional features to offer. It allows you to explore your creativity on both laptops and mobile. It provides on-the-go access to the creative app, including Premier Rush, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop. Do you know how many computers you can install creative cloud?

2: Adobe Fonts

People can also use Adobe Creative Cloud for multiple creative projects. It has thousands of fonts to choose from without any extra charges. It is such a steal deal for students who opt for creative fields as all fonts are included in the subscription charges. You can give a new look to your assignment and projects using this phenomenal app.

3: Behance

Behance is a creative sharing platform with lots of different features to explore. If you are looking to gain exposure in any creative field, you can display your work on the Behance app. You can also discover other people’s creative work using the app.

4: Adobe Portfolio

You can create an Adobe login ID to access different apps, such as Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio allows you to design your portfolio website with numerous themes. You can choose a theme that best resonates with your personality.

5: Library

You can use the Adobe Creative Cloud library to save and backup your work. You can also share your asset through the library with people you like to share stuff with. One thing to note down here that if you will uninstall adobe creative cloud then you have to be active while you do because you would not want to delete your entire project’s source and library files.

6: Storage

Adobe Creative Cloud also provides cloud storage of up to 1-2GB (It depends on the creative cloud plans too). It is ideal for sharing valuable work with clients and potential prospects without even thinking about the storage overload.

These were some of the outstanding and most demanded products they have, Don’t do me wrong because they are not just limited to these. There are plenty of more to check and observe, but these are in more demand. I hope it helped you with Adobe CC Suite.

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