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What Programs Do Electrical Engineers Use?

What is computer software?

Software is simply the system that tells the computer what to do and when to do it. The software has operations, programs, and routines to follow to perform a specific computer task. Software completes its work by giving orders to the computer hardware. 

Software is stored on a memory device when in need computer read this and store it in RAM. There are two different types of software system software and application software. System software controls the functions of computers while the operating software follows the instruction given by the user to perform a specific task. 

For both Application and System software, you would need the best laptop for electrical engineering major because you would have to go through exclusive software during your degree and without the best laptop, you can not!

Importance of programming for electrical engineers

Electrical engineering is a vast field, and they have to take assistance from another area to run with clients’ needs, time, and technology. The primary condition of programming for electrical engineers is the efficiency of many times more in computers than in humans.

In engineering, you are sometimes in a situation where you have to do repetitive tasks that can be performed well by software with more accuracy and minor errors. There is always a need to learn a programming language like C++ and MATLAB in developing a circuit. So, we cannot deny the importance of software programming for electrical engineers. 

What programs does an electrical engineer use?

Some standard programs used by electrical engineers are as follows:


This MATLAB software is used for technical computing, visualization, and analysis of a problem and then presenting the problem in easy mathematical notations. This software is used for the following common issues:

  • Analysis of data
  • Engineering graphics 
  • Development of applications 

This software is used to analyze 2-D or 3-D images, graphics, and animation. This software offers both high and low-level commands and a vast collection of computational algorithms. 

2: Calculator edge 

The calculator is one of the essential software required in electrical engineering. Calculator edge provides a free online tool that meets the needs and demands of professional electrical engineers. This calculator’s website has hundreds and thousands of complex formulas built to ease electrical, mechanical, and other professionals.

With the calculator, edge calculations can be done by:

  • Ohms law
  • Resistance 
  • Frequency
  • Capacitance


With PSCAD, you can quickly build, simulate, and model systems, providing unlimited possibilities for power system simulation. It includes a comprehensive library of system models, ranging from simple passive components and control functions to motors and other complex devices. This software opens new doors in the field of power generations.

PSCAD comes with the collection of sample cases; you can use them to start a new project. There are some complicated models; you can build a new project according to it with the help of a working guide and proper explanation. 

4: Power eSim

Power eSim is software used to design a tool that is excellent in its power supply. This system has a feature that allows the development of transformer, design, and calculation within the same software.

This software allows an engineer to draw a design in minutes, and this can be the perfect verification tool for some new features. Up to 100 circuits are available with a real transformer and the extra element of component loss analysis.

5: Simulink 

Simulink is a companion product to MATLAB that provides interactive graphics. An environment for modeling, simulation, and analysis of dynamic systems. Quickly create virtual prototypes to explore design concepts at any level of detail with minimal effort.

When Simulink is used with MATLAB, you mix and visualization at the same time by hundreds of programs already present in MATLAB. MATLAB is used to input the data and then run hundreds of simulations in sequence. We will obtain the result in the form of MATLAB.

One thing worth mentioning here which is asked all the time in the context of electrical engineering that does an electrical engineer needs a laptop with a graphic card? The answer to it is straight forward and that is YES! You should go for a laptop which has a graphics card.

Final words:

Electrical engineering is a vast field, and no one can imagine life without this. No matter where we are, home, office, or some other industry, we cannot run away from the products of electrical engineers. For their proper function and easy running, these engineers require some programs that we have compiled for you in this article.

 You can read this article and understand what type of software is present, and they are beneficial for electrical engineers in what way. 

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