Dell vs HP Laptops: Which Brand is Better and Why?

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Buying a new laptop is an overwhelming experience, but when you are stuck between two choices, each device seems better than the other. But, Dell vs HP, what a tough yet interesting comparison!

Both the companies are highly reputable amongst the top laptop manufacturers and excel in a wide variety of aspects; This is what jumbles the consumer’s mind and makes it challenging for them to make a final decision.

Many of us spend several hours of our day browsing the internet, whereas some play games while some do their work. Luckily, both the companies have models that will perfectly suit every kind of your computing need.

So, how should you figure out which brand is better and why? Don’t stress out; this article has got you covered. Read along to find out about all the essential factors and features that make these companies different from each other.

Dell vs. HP: Which Brand Should You Pick? 

The final choice for a particular laptop must be made after considering the essential factors that will meet your requirements. For example, if you want a laptop for professional work, you would like a fast-performing CPU with solid storage options and comprehensive connectivity options.

On the other hand, if you are a gamer, a laptop with a compelling CPU and GPU along with high-end display quality and longer battery life would be your demand. But, if you want a laptop for casual home use, a laptop with low-end specs with decent hardware would do the job perfectly too.

In simpler words, it all comes down to your personal preferences and nature of use. Once you have determined it, look around for suitable options and see which device has everything you wish to have on your laptop. Now, this could be any of the two companies based on what you are looking for.

At this point, we cannot name one brand as the ‘best’ unless you investigate it for yourself. The main reason is that one product from a particular brand that seemed to be a wrong choice for you might be ideal for another consumer.


Living in a dorm room in Texas, Michael Dell found out a company which he named after him, i.e., Dell. He aimed to establish a business related to computing devices, and he indeed got successful. By now, the company does not only produce high-end computing devices but a lot more including, network servers, peripherals, printers, projectors, Ethernet switches, etc.

Dell started manufacturing its products in 1984, and the company has come a long way over the years by offering a huge variety of products. But computer users and laptops have always been Dell’s first preference and strongest points. Dell has its main head office in Round Rock, Texas.

With time Dell has grown as a company and is now a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, including Dell and EMC. It has come up with laptops for every profile, whether it is students, business owners, day-to-day use, or gaming. So Dell has various options, no matter for whatever purpose one needs his laptop.


The design of a laptop holds a lot of importance when one thinks of buying one. Earlier, the user’s main focus was on the power of the device. But now things have changed; laptops are a fashion statement. That doesn’t mean that a laptop with a good design but poor performance is going to be preferred. Both go side by side.

When it comes to Dell, it can be said that the company focuses on both the performance and then design. Dell designs are mostly simple and sleek. Anyone who follows a minimalist design trend but with reliable power might find these laptops more interesting than others. The company focuses on designs that are not only simple and comfortable to use but also portable and durable.

Although the latest models are available in a range of vivid colors and unique styles, their gaming laptops are worth buying with the creative style, fancy logos, and heavy-duty features. Comparing Dell vs HP effortlessly wins in this regard. For instance, the Alienware and XPS line of laptops are not only famous for their performance but also their innovative design.


Dell can be a tough competitor when it concerns the components. It has always focused on providing the best components for its consumers. Be it RAM, graphic card, display, processors, etc. Dell never compromises on the quality. It offers various screen sizes and premium display resolution.

The brand manufactures a variety of components so that it always has something to provide for consumers with different budgets. For instance, if one needs a laptop for work, then Dell has options with 9th Generation i5 laptops along with a high-performing graphic card. Or one can go with 9th Generation and 10th Generation i7 and i9 laptops.

Dell uses GPUs like the NVIDIA GTX 1080 that will not only bring the best performance but also enhance the speed. It also provides NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, which work more efficiently for business professionals. Comparing Dell vs HP is relatively easy in this regard.

Dell uses stunning NVIDIA G-Sync technology, dual fan system in their Alienware line. With its backlit RGB spacious keyboards, it adds more to the comfort of its consumers. Amazing features and excellent service have made the Dell Mag laptop possible to be one of the highest selling laptops during 2018.


Dell is known for its high-performing laptops in the industry. The brand prides itself in providing some of the most famous laptops with fantastic performance. It uses CPUs that can boost up to 5.3 GHz.

Dell offers a wide pool of laptops for different budgets. The laptops can start from 4GB RAM and go up to 64 GB. Apart from RAM storage, its speed can also vary from 2666MHZ to 4267MHz. This will conclude the multitasking and smoother running depending upon the user’s need.

Dell also comes up with different storage capacity options for its consumers. Their laptops have NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD that boosts performance and speed. Furthermore, it comes with options that may range between 128GB and can be boosted up to 4TB. Users can also go for a 1TB SATA HDD for a more affordable range.

Like most other high-end laptop brands, Dell prefers to go with AMD and Intel processors. Users can go with a 3rd Gen, Ryzen3, or a Ryzen 9 processor, depending upon their preference. For pricey dome options, recent Intel Core i3 or i9 Core processors


Technology innovation is one of the major reasons behind the success of technology. Most of the well-known brands in the industry are famous for their innovative laptops. Dell is also far behind in the race when it comes to innovation.

The brand is constantly improving and bringing unique and more high-tech products to the market. If Dell vs HP is balanced for innovation, then Dell is going to have more variety to its products. For instance, Dell Cinema in XPS laptops has transformed the audio and video quality to an amazing level. The XPS 13 also got the CES award for its innovative technology.

Dell promises its laptops performance through attractive designs and marvelous performance in the great Vostro series and Inspiron. Also, the Precision series is exemplary because of its outstanding graphics. A specific control center for Alienware provides gaming enthusiasts to alter settings per the games.

Although some users object that Dell provides high-end innovations for their premium models only, they should also bring something new with affordable options. Also, it is one of these limited brands that allows users to customize their PC. This option is appreciated explicitly by gaming enthusiasts.  

Customer Support 

Customer support must never be degraded or ignored if a company or business wants to succeed in today’s competitive market. Online customer support and review have also revolutionized the market. Consumers tend to be more inclined towards other users’ opinions about the product as compared to the company’s claims.

It seems like Dell is also aware of the importance of consumer support services. That is why it puts in a lot of effort when it comes to helping its customers. The company provides both online and remote consumer support services.

If an individual is unable to fix the issue, then the laptop is further connected to a tech expert who does the job. The user can also visit the remote customer service center to get his laptop fixed, and if they are not able to fix it, the company replaces the product. Dell, like most other premium brands, also provides warranties and offers with its products which is also a reason that a considerable number of users prefer it.

Where Are Dell Laptops Manufactured? 

Dell laptops are manufactured by some specific companies, including Wistron and Compal. The name is also involved in the production of its products. Due to the huge demand, there are different production units of Dell in different countries.

About 95% of their laptops are produced in Asia. These countries include Malaysia, Xiamen, Penang, and China Brazilian manufacturing plants only make laptops to be sold in Brazil. Compal only produces about 90% of the total Dell laptops. These are assembled in various areas, such as two units are in China, and one unit is in Taiwan.

Why does Dell Stand Out? 

Dell brings some of the most premium laptops in the industry. It has worked its way up and claimed a top spot in the industry due to the quality of its products. It provides the users with some of the affordable but high-performing options found in the market.

What makes Dell unique from others is that it never goes down in quality for low-price laptops. High-end laptops like XPS 13 and XPS 15 are some options users probably won’t regret going with.

The best thing about Dell is that it is available for everyone. No matter what walk of life the user belongs to, Dell will have an excellent laptop choice available.


HP is also known as Hewlett-Packard, founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packed and named after the two founders. Officially started in 1939, the company was able to have a well-known name Walt Disney as their earliest client. HP manufactured an audio oscillator at first, but the company later on started manufacturing computer systems in 1966 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

After going through many ups and downs, the company started to gain fame in the highly competing tech market even at that time. By the 1980s, HP had successfully manufactured an entire range of computing devices that included everything from personal computers and their peripherals to large scientific machines.

HP has always focused on developing efficient and affordable options for its consumers. It has made a lot of improvements in both appearance and performance. Especially with its recent series, such as the Envy line and Spectre x360, it has made a mark in the industry. The company brings laptops that are great for both business owners and personal use.


Style and performance go side by side when it comes to laptops. Any laptop with stunning design but low performance and a laptop with a not so pleasing design but a good performance will not last long in today’s market.

Laptop companies are coming up with designs that are not only pleasing to the eyes, easy to use, and have outstanding performance. A laptop design is now considered a classy addition to the personality. HP is known for its basic laptop designs. The laptop’s design is not too out of the box but is certainly durable and portable.

Although the recent models are more comfortable to use, especially with their improved screen and trackpad size, HP tends to use back or chrome design for its laptops. But this doesn’t mean that there are no chic or elegant HP laptop designs available.

Though there could be some limitations for color choice, HP delivers several sleek and aesthetic models. Its Spectre series is an ideal example. Hewlett Packard laptops have set a standard when it comes to quality.

The company uses the best elements such as Aluminum and Carbon fiber to provide as much durability as possible within their products. HP has also worked on creating bolder designs with leather covers.


Like most of its competitors, HP doesn’t compromise on the components. It has always emphasized the importance of efficient performance and is also able to deliver it. HP, like Dell, also uses both AMD and Intel processors for its laptops.

Both have stunning performances. But factors like the laptop price range and model determine the type of processor being used in a specific model. For more affordable options, HP provides Intel HD graphics processors for the users. For more heavy-duty or gaming laptops, it uses NVIDIA graphics processors or other newest Gen Intel processors. For preventing the laptop from heating, a cooling fan is used.

HP offers a nice range of screen sizes. Users can choose between 13 inches to 17 inches concerning the preferred model. Its laptops also have amazing display resolution. These tend to use three or four-cell batteries in their laptops. Efficient battery time that may last up to twelve hours is one of the strongest factors of its laptops.


If someone is down for a laptop that has excellent performance and also delivers the specs it claims, then HP is ideal. It offers a lot of features on a more pocket-friendly budget, unlike numerous premium laptop brands. But if someone compares Dell vs HP, then it’s clear that it brings some of the best business laptops in the market.

The Spectre series and Envy series are proof of the HP laptop’s outstanding performance. HP processors range from Intel Core i3 processors to Intel Core i7 processors. Moreover, it offers fine memory options for its users of different profiles. It can go from 8GB RAM to a maximum of 16GB RAM.

Besides RAM, memory speed is a huge element in the performance of a laptop. For these devices, memory speed is usually between 2666MHz to 4266MHz, depending on the model. HP brings a lot of storage choices for its huge laptop lines. The Pavilion series comes with a 128GB SSD together with a 1TB HDD.


HP has earned a name and respect in the industry over the years due to its unique and reliable products. It is pretty famous for its success with several products such as scanners, printers, etc. Its latest laptop models are also favored for their innovative features.

HP is known for making some of the finest touchscreen and 2-in-1 devices in the industry. Their sophisticated designs and up-to-date features have aided HP in holding a solid consumer base in the market. Hi-tech specs like fingerprint readers have set the bar high for secure login.

HP has also upped the game with its innovative premium features in the latest laptops. For instance, the Spectre x360 is an ideal combination of futuristic technology. The brand has made a lot of progress with its gaming laptops, but when HP vs Dell has considered nothing beats Dell’s gaming beasts.

Customer Support 

Consumer support service plays a crucial role in the success and downfall of a business. Consumer reviews determine the standard of the company’s services. Consumers tend to face issues while using a product, and the company’s own customer support service is there to help.

If a consumer support system of a company is poor and is unable to help its consumers or resolve their issues, then it surely is going to affect the overall company reputation. Most of the time, the issues are not significant, but consecutive negative reviews can considerably impact the product or company’s reputation.

The company has set up a Support Assistant that one can get in touch with through social media. Along with it, HP also has a consumer support call center where users can get in touch with the tech experts and get their problems fixed.

Similar to other companies, HP has set up its community page where moderators and other consumers communicate. It is a good option for anyone who can skip contacting the assistant as the community page has answers to the most common issues.

Where Are HP Laptops Manufactured? 

HP doesn’t compromise on the quality and standard of its products no matter where they are being manufactured. The consumers will get the same premium quality as claimed by the company.

Well-known laptop series from HP, including Elitebook, Pavilion, Omen, and Envy series, are produced in the United States. Although manufacturing of different components may take place in other countries. Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and China, maybe some of the countries with its manufacturing units.

This also helps the company reduce delivery time in the US and Asia. As the products delivered in Asia are usually manufactured in China, while those laptops delivered across the United States are manufactured or also assembled in the United States.

Why does HP Stand Out? 

HP is known to make laptops that are not only reliable but have outstanding performance. The products of the brand come up with sophisticated and versatile designs. Especially with their latest models, HP gives tough competition to many premium laptop brands.

HP provides its users with a lot of space for their data with fast performance and above-average storage capacity. Also, the brand is great at equipping its laptops with some of the fastest and high-performing processors. That makes it easier for its consumers to carry out heavy-duty tasks smoothly and faster.

HP stands out the most because it has a lot of options available in the market following models and price range. The user not only gets an efficient laptop within his price range but also within his desired budget.

Dell vs. HP: Main Differences 

After going over the details of both brands, it can be easily said both companies have a lot of similarities and a lot of different preferences. With a head-to-head comparison, it isn’t easy to decide which one is better as a whole. Both of these give a very tough competition for those who want to make a choice.

As for appearance, Dell and HP have unique designs and focus on portability. However, HP has come up with numerous eye-catching designs with its latest models. Dell has always preferred performance when it comes to laptops, so it is difficult to match its level in this regard. Both Dell and HP also have efficient consumer support services.

Battery life is a crucial element when choosing the best laptop. Because no one wants to get disturbed again and again during essential tasks. The price range also depends on the model type, and its spec user is buying. Though comparing all these features, Dell seems like a better option for a new laptop.

Deciding which company could be better for a person depends on the user’s needs. Both Dell and HP are tough competitors, but Dell has the edge over HP in several terms. HP may be older and have numerous options available on its board, but it is not easy to compete with Dell’s standard.


As mentioned earlier, the Dell vs HP comparison is extremely tough since both the companies are unique with the innovation. None of these two laptop manufacturers ever compromise on the device’s overall quality.

Since consumers have different budgets, they always try to find the best laptop that not only meets their requirements but also fits their pocket. Fortunately, Dell and HP both have budget laptops for the consumers, but here, Dell seems to lead as it is renowned for producing low-budget yet high-end laptops.

On the contrary, HP is one step ahead of Dell in terms of design and physical appeal. Where Dell is seen to put more effort into the internal performance compared to what is on the outside, HP divides its efforts on both the external and the internal, which is why it cannot match the standards set by Dell.

We hope that our guide helped you figure out which brand is best for you and why. While purchasing the laptop, make sure that you have kept in mind all the essential considerations so that you only invest in what is actually the best; This will save your time and a lot of your valuable money.

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