Lenovo vs Dell Laptops: Which Brand is Better and Why?

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In a world where tech gadgets are flooding the market, the massive variety is no more convenient since it overwhelms the buyers, making a final decision becomes a challenge. Since there are several top manufacturers that roll out premium laptops, finding your ideal match is no more straightforward.

If you cut short your search by shortlisting the two companies, the choice might become a lot easier for you. So, have you done it and are now left with Lenovo and Dell? No worries, here we have discussed some important points for the Lenovo vs Dell debate that will help you in figuring out that which brand is better and why.

But starting with the details, it is suggested to determine your nature of use and personal preferences so that you can focus on the particular components and differentiate the two companies based on them.

Lenovo vs Dell: Which Brand Should You Pick?

Both Lenovo and Dell have a wide variety of laptops that include all the required specs for basic needs. Both the companies have launched various series for specific uses such as gaming series, business lines, etc.

At this moment, naming one brand that you should pick would be a bit too early and might not be accurate for everyone. The foremost reason is that every user’s use and personal preferences are different; This is why one brand that proves to be a great match for you might be a poor choice for someone else.

To find out which brand you should pick, let’s finally discuss the two top laptop manufacturers in detail.


lenovo logo

Lenovo is a Chinese-American multinational company that started back in 1984 in China. After struggling for decades, the company finally managed to gain a position amongst the leading laptop manufacturing brands. In the mid-2000s, Lenovo had acquired IBM, and that was the first-ever achievement, or you may call it a milestone that was accomplished.

In the past couple of years, Lenovo has rolled out a huge variety of laptops for literally everyone, and that is why the company has successfully maintained a huge consumer base. While you can find several premium gaming laptops, you will also be able to get your hands on laptops for professional use with decent specs and low prices.  

If we talk about the most successful models from Lenovo, the most demanding laptops are from the ThinkPad, Yoga Line, and IdeaPad Series. Usually, Lenovo is a preferred brand by working professionals because its business laptops are top-of-the-line compared to the competitors.


A laptop with a sophisticated design is always good, but one crafted carefully while considering the user comfort is just like a cherry on top. Everyone nowadays looks for a stylish and sleek device that doesn’t compromise build quality. Many people especially working professionals, are also concerned about their style statement, and one’s laptop speaks a lot about their personality.

Due to this fact, companies have now started to roll out models that come with a thin body, attractive appeal, and high portability. Lenovo laptops never stay behind and therefore have launched many models flaunting a minimalistic design. The IdeaPad and ThinkPad Series models mostly come with a graceful design and slim body.

What impresses the buyers the most is the 360-degree rotating screen of several Lenovo laptops that turn a full-fledged laptop into a tablet right according to your needs. Additionally, for all the gaming fanatics, the company has many choices with the top one like Legion Y545 that gives a solid competition to its rivals.


If you want a laptop for regular use, you won’t really require high-end components such as a dedicated GPU. For lighter activities, you can go for the Lenovo Flex 11, as it comes with the basic components. However, if your nature of use includes running heavier applications and requires faster processing, it is better to invest in models like Yoga C630. You can also find several models with NVIDIA GTX graphics cards for an impressive graphical performance.

The laptops from Lenovo have widescreen options, and most of the models come with narrow bezels. Moreover, the displays are integrated with fast refresh rates ranging between 120Hz to 144Hz, which adds to the laptop’s overall performance.

As far as the cooling is concerned, it is important to look for a laptop that comes with an efficient cooling system, especially when you are likely to use the device for heavier tasks and a prolonged time. Thankfully, you will find some models from Legion 5 and 7 Series having spectacular cooling systems.

When it comes to the keyboard, it is quite difficult for any brand to beat the excellence of Lenovo’s keyboards. With an extremely comfortable layout, the keyboards are super easy to use, optimizing typing and gaming experience. What makes these laptops stand out among others is their waterproof feature.


A slow-performing laptop is always a turn-off for the buyers regardless of their purpose of use. Lenovo laptops don’t disappoint with their performance as you can find some latest processors such as the 10th Generation Intel Core i7. These processors have the capability to run numerous programs without any hassle.

The RAM storage is one of the major factors that consumers carefully look for, and it can also make or break one’s mind for purchasing a laptop. You will find Lenovo models with multiple storage options to choose from according to your requirements. Many models come with a super-fast 32 GB RAM.  


Lenovo has managed to reserve a solid spot for itself in the highly competing tech market, and one of the main reasons is the continuous innovation in its models. Undoubtedly, the company has some tech geeks and big brains that come up with such impressive and innovative ideas in every latest model that they roll out. For example, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the most innovative laptops by the company that comes with a foldable design. 

The company has always paid more attention to business laptops and therefore has some unbeatable models with promising features and durability. Lenovo is also known as the company with the most innovations in its models, and one example of it is the very demanding Lenovo Yoga Tablet.  

Customer Support

Many companies have the best products but fail to establish a consumer base because of the only reason, i.e., poor customer support. Lenovo has been a respectable company in the market also because of its amazing customer support. 

The company provides 24/7 customer support so that they can deal with the queries of their valued customers around the clock. Lenovo also offers tech support for several models, including gaming laptops. The strongest point of Lenovo’s customer support is its highly responsive online tech team support. 

Furthermore, in order to provide their customer with mental peace, the Lenovo laptops are covered with a manufacturer’s warranty that ranges between 1 to 3 years. But remember, there are certain terms and conditions for that. 

Where Are Lenovo Laptops Manufactured?

Being a multinational company, Lenovo has its manufacturing units expanded in various parts of the world, including China, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. Laptops from China take up to 10 days to be delivered to different parts of the world, which ultimately impacts the company’s overall service.

To overcome this problem, Lenovo opened up its manufacturing unit in the USA as well, intending to reduce the time taken to deliver the products to its customers; This also prevents the products from any further delays.  

Why Does Lenovo Stand Out?

Lenovo stands out among its competitors in many aspects, especially when it comes to targeting a particular walk of life. Though Lenovo has laptops for everyone but the business line of their laptops is known widely and demanded by many professionals. 

As mentioned above, the keyboards integrated into Lenovo laptops are unmatched whereas, the level of innovation done in their laptops is also a factor helping the device stand out.


Quite a coincidence, Dell started in the same year as Lenovo, i.e., 1984, and was founded by Michael Dell, living in a dormitory in Texas. As evident, the company was named after its founder. Dell aimed to manufacture computing devices, and we can witness his prominent success. Now, you can find not only computing devices but several other products produced by Dell, such as printers, peripherals, projectors, network servers, etc.

Despite being a manufacturer of several products, Dell’s foremost priority has always been computing devices such as desktop PCs and laptops. The main head office of Dell is located in Round Rocks, Texas.

Currently, the most popular laptops from Dell are from its Alienware Series, which include gaming laptops for hardcore gamers and hence are integrated with exceptional hardware and specifications. Dell Chromebooks are also high in demand by business professionals and casual users.


One of the best things about Dell is that the company has always focused on performance and physical appearance together; This means, most Dell laptops come with an appealing design that complements the personality of its owner. There isn’t much difference in the design of Lenovo and Dell laptops as both the companies keep it simple yet elegant with a sleek body.

The difference in terms of design could be because of durability as Dell laptops are considered to have better construction than Lenovo laptops. You can find the latest models from Dell available in a wide range of colors. The top examples of Dell’s fancy logos and creative designs are XPS and Alienware Series models.


Be its graphics card, RAM, display, processors, or any other component; Dell has been a hard nut to crack. Dell offers the consumers multiple sizes and resolution options without compromising a bit on the overall performance. The company produces many components; therefore, it never fails to provide goodness to the buyers.

To let the users bring out the best performance from their laptops, the manufacturers have equipped the models with powerful GPUs like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. Graphics cards like these not only aid in the best graphics performance but also improve the overall speed of the device. If we compare Lenovo vs Dell in this regard, choosing a winner would surely be very tough.

In the Alienware Line, Dell utilizes the brilliant NVIDIA G-Sync technology and dual fan systems for advanced cooling. Moreover, the RGB backlit keyboards are super spacious, making typing a pleasurable experience and making working in the dark convenient. Incredible service with excellent features made the Dell Mag laptop a top seller of 2018.  


Dell is one of the leading laptop brands and is known to manufacture premium laptops that deliver superb performance. You can find laptops with different processing units, such as 9th Generation Intel Core i5 supported by powerful GPU. There are many options with even better hardware, such as 10th and 11th Generation Intel Core i7 and i9 models. On the other hand, the AMD-based models include Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 9, etc., processors as well.  

Having a wide pool for various budgets, Dell laptops range vastly when it comes to storage capacity. For example, the models start from the least RAM capacity, i.e., 4 GB that goes up to 64 GB RAM for a fantastic multitasking capability.

Speaking of the Solid State Drive, the options here vary as well. The majority of the Dell laptops have PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD that ensures faster data transfer and enhances performance speed. The SSD options range between 128 GB to an enormous 4 TB. For people on a budget, the company has rolled out models with a 1 TB SATA HDD.


Dell makes constant efforts to innovate its laptops but cannot match the level of innovation done in Lenovo laptops. While Lenovo works on technological innovation, Dell is likely to focus more on the physical innovation of its laptops.

Though some models include innovative technologies, for example, Dell Cinema from XPS Series has transformed the video and audio quality to incredible levels. Moreover, the Dell XPS 13 has been awarded the CES award because of the innovative technologies integrated into it.

Customer Support

Dell is very well aware of the fact that customer support plays a vital role in the success of a company. Therefore, the company offers both remote and online customer support services for its valued customers. The customer support agents are very trained and responsive.

Moreover, if an agent is unable to understand or fix the issue, the customer is connected to the tech expert who resolves the problem instantly. In case the user wants to visit the support center, they can go to the remote customer service center.

Where Are Dell Laptops Manufactured?

The manufacturing of Dell laptops is assigned to two companies, namely Compal and Wistron. These companies also produce other products for Dell. Because of the increased demand for Dell laptops, the company’s manufacturing units are in various parts of the world.

Nearly 95% of Dell laptops are manufactured in Asian countries, including Penang, Xiamen, and Malaysia. The Chinese Brazilian plants manufacture only those models that are sold in Brazil. Compal is responsible for manufacturing about 90% of Dell laptops.

Why does Dell Stand Out?

Dell has introduced some very premium laptops in the tech industry and therefore has climbed to the leading positions. From high-end devices with exceptional performance to affordable prices, Dell laptops are packed with so much more than one expects.

But, one thing that makes the company stand out among its rivals is its top-of-the-class quality, even in low-priced laptops. Also, Dell excels in producing devices for literally everyone.

Lenovo vs Dell: Main Differences

On the one hand, the debate of Lenovo vs Dell shows several similarities, but on the other hand, we can see some significant differences as well. For instance, Lenovo is approached by a business professional because its ThinkPad and IdeaPad line have some of the most brilliant business laptops. Whereas, Dell is a brand to rely upon regardless of your nature of use. This means Dell has laptops for everyone, including gamers, students, working professionals, or even seniors.

Another major difference seen here is the keyboard quality. Though both the companies have a pretty comfortable keyboard but the quality of those integrated into Lenovo laptops cannot be matched no matter what.


In general, Lenovo vs Dell is a fascinating comparison where we unfold some bitter truths, or we shall call these as shortcomings of each brand. Whereas, on the other side, many impressive facts are also revealed.

We would again suggest you choose a brand based on your nature of use and personal requirements so that the laptop doesn’t fall short of anything you wish to have. Remember, Dell laptops cost more than Lenovo laptops so, make sure to consider your budget while making a final decision.

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