Lenovo vs HP Laptops: Which Brand is Better and Why?

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HP and Lenovo are two highly famous laptop manufacturing companies in the tech market. If we look a couple of years back or more specifically in 2013, we would see Lenovo outperforming HP in terms of the most number of sales. However, Lenovo led the race for a concise period only.

Although, when you enter the market nowadays, you will see massive competition among several laptop manufacturing companies. This competition has made it super challenging to pick the best brand amongst all.

Generally, Apple overtakes every other tech company that manufactures laptops, computers, and smartphones because of all the right reasons. Since you have ruled it out due to probably its crazy spec-to-price ratio, your search surely comes down to another two top laptop brands, i.e., Lenovo and HP.

Both of the companies produce high-end laptops as well as budget devices to meet the needs of literally every consumer. Be it a student, gamer, businessman, graphics designer, or casual homemaker, you can find machines excelling in every purpose.

So, what makes Lenovo and HP two of the most recognized brands in the industry? Also, what is it that makes the two brands comparable? Well, that is exactly what we have talked about in today’s article. Therefore, to find out about it in detail, we suggest you read the article till the very end.

Lenovo vs HP: Which Brand Should You Pick?

As mentioned earlier, both are the top brands known to manufacture quality laptops, but there are certain things to be considered when it comes to picking the best one. Before you choose a brand for yourself, make sure to determine for what purpose you need a laptop to be used.

For example, if you are a businessman, your priorities must be a faster processor with excellent storage and high portability. However, as a gamer, you would not only look for a compelling CPU but a high-end dedicated GPU as well, along with exceptional image quality. Similarly, if you are a student, your preference would be a lightweight, compact device with decent and mid-level specs.

Laptops from Lenovo and HP differ in various aspects when you get specific for the laptop’s purpose. Therefore, it is impossible to pick on a brand for you and call it the ‘best’ until you investigate it yourself.

All we would suggest you are first to determine your needs and then start with the hunt. To help you with that, we have discussed all the essential factors in detail below. So, let’s get started.


lenovo logo

Lenovo, short for Lenovo Group Limited, was founded back in November 1984 by a group of 10 engineers in Beijing, China. Initially, the company was known to specialize in making televisions but, after a couple of years, it migrated towards manufacturing computing devices as well. After hard work for quite some years, the company successfully manufactured its first-ever PC known as the Legend PC in 1990.

In the early 2000s, the company planned to expand its reach internationally, probably the best decision made. The global headquarters of the company are in Beijing, China, where it was founded. Whereas, its main headquarters are in the residential district of Quarry Bay in Hong Kong, and its operational headquarters are the United States in Morrisville, North Carolina.

The Chinese-American multination company is recognized globally for producing incredible products that never compromise on quality. Lenovo specializes in designing, producing, and marketing a variety of things such as personal computers, consumer electronics, business solutions, software, and other related services.

The company manufactures a list of products that include laptops, desktop computers, supercomputers, workstations, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, IT management software, electronic storage devices, and servers.

Lenovo is best known for manufacturing laptops with greater flexibility and incredible quality. Lenovo ThinkPad Series is what brought all the hype and fame to the brand, especially among the businessmen. The IdeaPad and Yoga Line from Lenovo also brings some major popularity to the company.


Compared to HP laptops, durability here fails to win the race, but it doesn’t mean that the products are unreliable. But, if you crave stylish and sleek design, Lenovo can easily satisfy you with its streamlined aesthetics. Regardless of the profession, everyone appreciates a lightweight and compact laptop that is durable and has no flaws in its quality. That is what Lenovo gives to you – a sophisticated and highly portable laptop with no issues with sturdiness.

The tech market is flooded with laptops boasting a minimalistic design which has pretty much become a trend now. You won’t see many companies rolling out laptops with bulky designs. Thankfully, Lenovo doesn’t fail to keep up with the trend and create stylish laptops. The best examples of laptops with minimalistic designs belong to Lenovo’s ThinkPad and IdeaPad Series.

Another pioneer of Lenovo laptops is its 2-in-1 convertible design which allows the device to be used as a traditional laptop and a standalone tablet both. For many users, the 360-degree rotating screen of some laptops from Lenovo was also pretty impressive.

With flexibility, durability, and great designs, the devices from Lenovo are undoubtedly an excellent choice for students as well as other professionals. The gaming fanatics also have some amazing options with clean design and sturdy built such as Lenovo Legion Y545, which gives the pricey competitors a tough competition.


Lenovo has made quite progress in the overall performance of its laptops which is the primary reason why these devices are now widely used for a variety of purposes. Be it programming, editing, 3D modeling, designing, gaming, etc.; A laptop must have the necessary hardware and components to serve the aforementioned purposes effortlessly. So, do you get these with Lenovo laptops or not? Let’s find out.

Integrated with compelling graphics card by the top third-party manufacturers, i.e., NVIDIA and AMD, Lenovo laptops offers a promising graphics quality. Having that said, with these devices from the company, you won’t have to worry about faster and, more importantly, smoother rendering of your visuals.

Noteworthy example: The Legion Y7000 is one of the best gaming laptops by Lenovo that comes with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU.

Efficient cooling is what consumers look for in laptops, especially when they intend to use the device for prolonged hours. Every laptop is expected to stay calm even under pressure, and that is why laptop companies integrate several vents and heat pipes into the devices. Lenovo uses the best cooling systems in the Legion 5 and 7 Series, making it a phenomenal choice for everyone likely to use the machine for several hours.

Most of the Lenovo laptops come with a Full HD (1920 x 1080p) display whereas, many supports up to 4K resolution. The refresh rate ranges between 120 Hz to 144 Hz, which surely boosts the overall display quality.

As far as the keyboards are concerned, no other brand, including HP can beat what Lenovo offers with its keyboards. These don’t only provide exceptional comfort for typing or working with its rounded keys but also come with an impressive waterproof property.


Any laptop that has a snail-speed is horrible, which also fails to attract buyers. Like many high-end laptops, Lenovo laptops are not behind in terms of performance since the company uses solid processors with a powerful performance. For example, you will find almost all of the latest laptops with at least a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU, which is efficient enough in handling a wide range of high-spec programs and software.

Having a solid CPU isn’t enough; the processor must be capable of running at higher clocking speeds to ensure smoother performance. With Lenovo, you will get devices hitting up really high on clocking speeds. For example, the CPU clocking speed of Lenovo ThinkPad 14 can be boosted up to a maximum of 4.90 GHz. Whereas, in Legion 7i 15, the clocking speed can be increased up to 5.30 GHz, making it an ideal deal for gamers.

RAM storage is another important feature that greatly impacts a buyer’s decision when it comes to one specific laptop. Fortunate enough, many Lenovo laptops are integrated with 32 GB RAM storage featuring the fastest bandwidths. Obviously, the more you pay, the more amazing components you will get but, even the budget laptops don’t lag behind in terms of nice components.


One of the main reasons the company has still reserved a solid spot for itself in the highly competing tech industry is the frequent innovations. The company has some intelligent minds that think out of the box and come up with incredibly innovative ideas. For instance, the launch of the first-ever foldable laptop by Lenovo, i.e., ThinkPad X1 Carbon, is clear proof that the company isn’t an easy nut to crack.

Customer Support

Offering customer service 24/7, Lenovo knows how to attract buyers not only by producing high-quality devices but a responsible communication team as well. Lenovo laptops are also backup up by solid warranties ranging between 1 to 3 years whereas, some top-end or gaming models even include tech support.

However, some certain terms and conditions must be met and agreed upon to claim the warranty and tech support. Needless to say that one of the most solid points that make Lenovo a top laptop brand is its strong customer service.

Where Are Lenovo Laptops Manufactured?

Even though Lenovo laptops originate from China but have manufacturing factories in many parts of the world, since it takes around 10 working days for the laptop to reach the consumer in any part of the world, any further delays could frustrate the buyer.

In order to overcome this issue, the multinational tech company has established its factories in Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Brazil, where manufacturing is also done. The expanded manufacturing not only reduced the time taken to deliver the laptop but also provided better tech support in case of any issue.

Why does Lenovo Stand Out?

Though several notable features make the company stand out among its competitors, the most prominent feature is its impeccably high performance. With the integration of powerful processors and other hardware components, Lenovo laptops are a choice for people belonging to various professions.

Because of their durability, flexibility, and fantastic performance, these laptops are most common among business people. However, with the launch of the Legion Series, the company has also made some severe impacts on gamers looking for a premium device with a reasonable price tag. Not to forget, the Yoga Series sporting unique and all-new foldable design looks quite promising.


Hewlett-Packard, often known as HP, is another top laptop manufacturing company that we are discussing today. HP was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard, and as it is obvious, the company was named after its two founders. Soon after the country just began, the first client that they got was Walt Disney which is one of the biggest reasons for HP’s success.

For the first time, the company manufactured an audio oscillator and later drifted towards the computing devices such as personal computers, laptops, etc. The first-ever computer by HP was manufactured in 1966 and was named ‘HP 2116A’. By 1972, the company rolled out a general-purpose minicomputer, ‘HP-3000’, which is still a renowned product line used for business purposes.

Every company goes through tough times, and HP’s journey was no different. Tackling every challenge and working on their dreams, the company managed to launch an entire range of tech devices by the 1980s. The range included a wide range of products such as personal computers, laptops, peripherals, and even scientific machines.

HP is well-known for producing high-quality laptops while keeping the price range affordable so that as many people as possible can get their desired laptop. With time, the manufacturers have focused on several improvements, including performance and physical appearance.

The Spectre x360 and Envy Line from HP have made prominent spots in the computer industry. This is because the laptop belonging to these series are integrated with exceptional hardware and offer unmatched performance. Considering the fact, HP laptops are suitable for business as well as personal use.


You will see massive yet tough competition among laptops from different brands in today’s market. Almost every laptop company now utilizes a sleek and trendy design. When it comes to HP laptops, you will not find highly aesthetic devices since the company is known for its basic designs.

For many people design of a laptop plays a huge role since they associate their device with their personality. If you are such a person, HP laptops might not attract you with their physical appearance but can do with reliability and high portability.

HP is generally seen to opt for chrome or black-colored chassis for its laptops which is not the case in newer models. The company’s latest laptops are much more comfortable, thanks to the renewed screens and improved trackpad size.

The Spectre Series by HP features laptops with some really appealing physical appearance that might even be beloved by the pickiest person. The only limitation that you could face is the choice of color for HP laptops. On the other hand, Lenovo laptops are available in a wide range of colors.

Apart from the outer appearance, the elements used to craft out the laptops include Carbon fiber and Aluminum, which add to the durability and reduce the overall weight of the device. HP also specializes in using leather covers to create bolder designs.


HP, when promise something, works on it as well. Therefore, when the company promised high performance, it worked hard to integrate top-notch components in its laptops to serve the desired performance. The graphics processing unit of a laptop leaves a substantial impact on the overall performance.

Considering the fact, the company never compromises on it and uses the GPUS by the best third-party seller, i.e., AMD and NVIDIA; This is what you get in Lenovo laptops. So, it is kind of a major similarity between the two brands.

However, some budget laptops from HP are equipped with Intel HD Graphics which also serve an eye-popping graphics quality. On the other hand, for gaming or other graphics-intensive use, you can find devices with powerful NVIDIA GPUs.

The consistent use of a machine for several consecutive hours will surely heat it up, which ultimately results in damaging the internal parts. Therefore, HP laptops use efficient built-in cooling fans and heat pipes to keep the internal temperature under control. All of these factors work together to provide the best possible performance and, of course, a healthy battery life.


Tons of amazing specs and unmatched components present in the proficient and expensive laptops ensure smoother and faster performance, and HP is no different. Though the company manufactures budget devices as well as expensive ones, the components vary according to the price.

For example, some high-end laptops from HP Envy and Spectre Series serve exceptional performance. The processors used in these laptops range from Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i7 CPUs. With a powerful CPU, you can easily use any software, including high-powered ones, without any complications.

RAM storage could be a downside when comparing Lenovo vs HP since HP laptops can offer a maximum of 16 GB RAM only whereas, Lenovo laptops are way ahead of it. Speaking of the memory speed, it also varies with the model and ranges from 2666 MHz to 4266 MHz.

The solid-state drive storage is a lot better than what you get for RAM capacity. HP laptops also offer several choices for storage that you can choose depending on your requirements. Some models of HP even come with 128 GB of solid-state drive and even a massive 1 TB of the hard-disk drive.


HP has not only been a name for producing high-end laptops but some innovative ones as well. Not only laptops but the company also comes up with something unique for everything that it manufactures, and that is what has gained HP true respect in the tech market.

When we talk about innovative laptops, the best of them is found in HP’s 2-in-1 convertible devices with a highly responsive touchscreen. Moreover, the updated specs along with an elegant design aid the company in holding a vast yet solid consumer base.

The bar is also set high by integrating advanced security specs such as fingerprint readers. For the best example of HP’s futuristic technology, we would praise none other than the Spectre x360, which offers the perfect blend of power and performance.

Customer Support

It is not only the hardware and specs that make a company worthy of being renowned but also its customer support. It shows whether the firm values its customers or not and if they are really concerned about their tech queries.

Luckily, HP’s customer support call centers are pretty responsive that don’t hesitate in dealing with the customers and their problems. You can also get in touch with the Support Assistant via HP’s social media accounts.

Moreover, the best thing about HP consumer care is the availability of its moderators on the community page set up by the company. Here, users can find answers to common questions and save time.

Where Are HP Laptops Manufactured?

The best thing about HP is that regardless of the place where the manufacturing process is being carried out, all the devices feature the same high-end specs with no compromise on a single component.

HP laptops belonging to the top series such as Pavilion, Envy, EliteBook, and Omen are manufactured in the United States, where its headquarters are also located. Furthermore, countries like Malaysia, China, the Philippines, and Thailand also have some HP manufacturing units. Different components of these devices are produced in different countries.

Because of several HP manufacturing units in different of the world, the time taken to deliver the laptops to the buyers in the United States and Asian countries is reduced to a significant time; This is mainly because the products delivered in the USA are manufactured in the USA itself. In contrast, those delivered in Asian regions are manufactured and assembled in China.

Why does HP Stand Out?

Giving serious competition to its rivals, HP rolls out premium laptops with sophisticated design and power-packed hardware. What makes the brand stand out is the availability of numerous options for literally everyone but at a relatively lesser price. This means you can not only find an efficient laptop but one that fits your pocket perfectly.

HP also leads the race unprecedentedly in terms of display quality that isn’t only amazing for gaming but for entertainment purposes too. Moreover, the laptops from HP come with a variety of choices for processors, RAM, storage, and graphics card, which is also an upside for the company.

Lenovo vs HP: Main Differences

Lenovo vs HP is a fairly arguable topic that needs solid points to validate the choice. Since both are top names in the tech market, it is pretty challenging to figure out the best for you.

Though both the brands share so much in common, there are some major differences as well. Here we will highlight those main differences between Lenovo and HP laptops so that you can determine which one could be a better brand for you.

If you are a gamer and wish to purchase a professional laptop that can cater to your gaming needs, HP would be the winner. The Pavilion and Omen Series from HP are equipped with better-performing graphics cards by AMD or NVIDIA.

Whereas, Lenovo is a preferred brand when it comes to buying a laptop for business use; This is because Lenovo laptops feature a must user-friendly interface and tend to weigh lighter than HP laptops, making them an excellent deal for office use.  


Lenovo vs HP is an interesting but challenging competition, especially when you have come down to these two brands in order to purchase a laptop from. As far as mid-range laptops are concerned, both the brands have several similarities, but HP seems to pull away with better innovations and a wide variety of options.

On the other hand, Lenovo is also an incredible laptop manufacturing company that wins the hearts of numerous users despite having lesser innovations and upgrades; This is because the company never compromises on quality.

But, if we had to pick one of these two brands, we would go for HP as a winner in most categories such as physical appearance, choices, flexibility, and brand recognition.

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